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This is a poem about trying dope.
Never once did I try dope,
No not once, never once.
Maybe you did and you liked it,
But never once did I try dope.

I saw the destruction,
The holes it ate in people.
Dope has its hold on so many,
And not one is a bad person.

Why do dope?  I wondered that
For a long time in my life,
But now I know, but never once
Did I try dope, no never once.

Thrills, highs, self-medicating
Problems away in a daze or a haze -
That's why people do dope
It's to cope or to have a good time.

If not for the dope, though,
What would we do?  The big pharm
Would rule the world, and crime
Would be lower, no?  Maybe.

But there will always be dope,
And never once, no never once
Should you ever try the dope -
What you can't know, you don't miss...
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