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This is a poem about existentialism.
You'd never know that the
Loneliness cuts me down,
How the death anxiety
Grins and stares
At my shame, no you'd
Never know any of that,
Not from the way I
Act aware.

You'd never know that the
Trauma just kills me inside,
How the War I fought
Tears me up.
No, you'd never guess that I
Want to take my own life,
That I taste that bitter,
Stale cup.

You'd never know, would you,
That I want to be dead,
But yet I fear facing death
Alone inside?
Why would I think of it
Knowing I served so bravely?
Because I feel no one cares
To be tried.

You'd never know about
The meaningless of life,
How freedom wrecks
The days again,
With its duty and its
Properties, will it be
Known a never-ending
Positive sin?
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