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this is my portfolio when I apply a job as a copywriter. a bit joke within! but that's ok!
I was sleeping at that time before I read my cell phone and found my friend chat me to inform a job. At the first time of waking up, I felt that information is like a shocking therapy in the morning. He told me that one of his friends is looking for a part time position to be secretary. It’s a good choice for me. By the end of this month, I will be inactive in making money because my students’ learning period is over. I predict my four students will not employ me as their private teacher because they will finish their school soon. So this information could be a good opportunity for me to have another job & be continually productive.

Then my friend suggested me to text Mrs. Lia Sidik. Yet, I do not know whether she is Mrs. or Ms. That is okay, I will call her Mrs. People like when they are flattered as a young person right? Who does not like it? Then, I texted her. She directly asked me whether tomorrow (the day when you read this work by your eyes). I confirmed that I will come on the blitz interview. She offered me her BlackBerry pin and I ask her what the qualifications are if I want to apply. Well, I thought it is quite takes time to prepare the whole qualifications letter.

I was considering my college schedule. Okay, let me tell you a bit, I am an education program student. Couple of months ahead, I will have my practical subject. We call it in bahasa Indonesia PKL. In this subject, I have to teach students in a class of a particular school. That event has possibility to take my comfy life to a hard-to-get life. This is because I can be placed any school to teach. That is what makes me consider a lot. So I told Mrs. Lia Sidik that I cancel my confirmation. I told her I cannot come to the interview. She is very kind & social network-ly welcome. She said good luck for my study. I have decided the temporarily best thing according to my thoughts.

Meanwhile, there is still something annoy my mind. I share my ‘galau’ through Twitter and Facebook status. Most of my friends’ comments were implied me one thing. ‘Just do it, just like Nike motto!’. Meanwhile, I decline to be a loser just what I said on the BBM to Mrs. Sidik. I start to look for a solution for the first obstacle I see in applying this job. Call my friend to ask her help to print my recent photograph. At first, I thought I need to go to the studio to have a cute camouflage photograph but I realize it drives me to be silly. Hereby, this script is presented to you as one of the qualifications you set. I will not talk a lot anymore, you must think ‘How come this girl send such a diary writing as her portfolio?’ Well, I do not know. I am just typing what is in my mind.

Usually the HRD will ask the applicant the reason why s/he wants to apply but this time you do not have to. I suggest you to keep you voice well, I know you have interview many people. You must be tired.

You may read my portfolio and simplify the question. / Am I talking a lot though I said I will not talk a lot anymore?/ Sorry readers.

I am just kidding readers, ask me anything you want to know, whether I am credible enough to be your partner  Sometimes, we need a joke though in an interview section. Thank you 

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