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Don't read this if you are sensitive.
      Why write something offensive?
      Well, because it's fun.
      Do you really think I can write anything outrageous that hasn't been
      broadcast across the internet already?
      Silly rabbit.

      "In a hundred years, everything we've done will be forgotten." my pop said.
      "Nothing matters, accept getting laid." my buddy Timmy Condom said.
      "Don't trust anyone." my older sister Maura said, before she killed herself.
      Mom was more positive, "Maura is happier in Heaven."

      Timmy made the mistake of screwing around with the Police Chief's
      daughter, who was under age. So, Tim got a sex offender record.
      He's driving a Hostess bakery truck now.
      That's pretty good pay...

      Okay, now I'm going to be offensive.

                  Write to:  The Royal Embassy Of Saudi Arabia
                                601 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
                                Washington, DC.

      Ask them why the hijackers of 9/11 were all from Saudi Arabia.
      I haven't got a reply.. yet.

          I asked a Native American why their civilization was primitive when
      Columbus arrived. Think of all the time the Native Americans had to learn
      to make a wheel. This was high tech to them.
      The Huron lady said, "We liked to walk."

          Saudis financed terrorist attacks in Israel. The Saudi Sheiks offer
      bounties on the killing of Israeli soldiers. The hijackers of 9/11 were from
      Saudi Arabia. Why did the U.S. declare war on Iraq?

      According to the Bush administration's investigation Iraq was responsible
      for the terrorist attack on the Twin Trade Towers. The hijackers were Saudi
      Arabian. Coincidentally, the security at the Twin Trade Towers was Israeli.

      How many times have you asked yourself "Why didn't Native Americans
      ride horses before the Spanish arrived?"
      Amerigo Vespucci discovered South America and brought horses.
      The Mayans did not have horses or wheels to pull carts with.
      How did they build those ziggurat pyramids?

          Incidentally, skyscraper architecture is supported by center columns.
      A pyramid is supported by it's outer walls. The Twin Trade Tower's center
      columns were the same width of a Mack truck.
      But, we are expected to believe that jet fuel could melt these columns and
      cause the floors to free fall into the footprint. Really?

          Iran was at its height in culture, during the Persian Empire.
      It was a source of knowledge in astronomy, medicine, and engineering.
      All of which was recorded in the Library of Alexandria in Egypt.....
      The Library of Alexandria was burned by Muslims.. .Today Iranians believe
      that they are the true Areans, descended from Alexander the Great.
      Alexander had horses and wheeled chariots, while the Native Americans were
      still walking and dragging things.

          Abraham had a horse and wagon! He was born on the African continent
      in the tribe of Ur; a black tribe according to scripture. And the Native Americans
      were still walking and dragging things.. Of course they weren't really Americans
      at that time, but they hadn't changed one bit. What causes inventions, like the
      wheel?  Well, you can watch round things roll and think that might be a


            Are the Saudi Arabian people evil? If you believe in Old Testament Law,
        then yes they are and good Jews should smite them. But, I'm not religious.
        I just want to go to the movies and not get blown to Hell!
        Why would Israelis want to fight all of Arabia?
        Repatriate to Florida. Its 99% Jewish anyway.
        They found stone wheels in caves in Africa that date back to Neanderthal Men!
        You know when a rock rolled down in front of them they thought
        "That's a wheel!"

            Let's invade Saudi Arabia! They're the real terrorist behind 9/11.
        We can make them ride bicycles and take all their oil.
        So, I don't have to pay $3:86 a galleon.
            Sailing ships were not happening in Native American culture either.
        They just had canoes...

                                      They could build a canoe, but they couldn't
                                      build a wagon..

                    This is a war of ideas.
          Jeeze, have some pork and beans. Relax.. We're all human.
          Let's all go bicycling!

        Peace Out!





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