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A short sample of a lost pup who is lost and bewildered. What'll happen to this youngster?
The Lost Pup

Thunder. That's all he had heard all night long. His head rung with the sorrowful memories of his family, being separated and scared. He should've remembered in time, but it was too late. He found himself sitting up, aching with his deep wounds. They scored into his fur, dry blood dappled across them. It had only taken such swift movements before he was knocked out from his unknown opponent. His thoughts flooded into his mind once more.
Dove, his silky sister. Riccio, his dim-colored brother. His mind faltered as he tried to remember his parents. Only one came into memory. His father, Soil, with his sandy-black shaded pelt. But his mother? He honestly didn't know, trapped in the thoughts of his old loved ones.
Where are they? Who are they? Are they even still alive?

He expected an answer to his wonders, but would he receive one? No. He wouldn't, because he couldn't even remember his own name. What was it again? Riccio? Dark? Shadow? He must've gotten wounded in the head pretty badly, because now he could barely remember what had happened.
That was his name! Thrush! He could just remember his beloved mother yelping for his name, for his help, for his strength--but no. He wasn't able to rescue her from their enemies. Thrush remembered watching her get slashed and battered on her limbs, threatened to keep quiet and surrender. She had died for him, whatever her name was, and he'd thank her for that. His own mother, fighting and struggling, and in the end she ended up limp and hollow.

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