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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Fantasy · #1862496
Written for Storytellers Group. A 1800's pirate ship ends up in London in 2012.
This was one of the worst storms Pirate Princess Lilith had ever seen. The ship tossed about on the ocean and the men were doing all they could to keep the ship afloat. Lilith was helping with the ropes but water soaked her and one of the men had went overboard but Lilith and three of her men got him back on the ship. She had to wonder if they would survive this storm. She had fallen down twice herself but Mercury Stetson had helped her back up. Mercury was the love of Lilith's life and he loved her as well. As pirates, they didn't have much time for love and the crew knew about them but never said anything. Lilith was their Pirate Princess and no man could have been a better pirate captain then this woman. More water came over the bow and the ship was tossed about and it almost tipped over but they managed to keep the ship afloat. Suddenly, the winds calmed down and the moon came out. Lilth and Mercury hugged each other and the men cheered.

"You men are the best pirates and crew a Pirate Princess could ask for. You didn't falter in the face of danger. Thank you. You are my friends as well as my crew." Lilith smiled.

They were on their way back to London when the storm came up. They had traveled to Ireland and it had ben a calm trip until now. Lilith and her men saw bright lights. She thought they were stars.

Spirals was in the crow's nest and yelled: "Princess! What is that land over there? There are strange lights and tall structures. This is spooky!"

Lilith looked at the area Spirals was talking about. It was London but what was with all the strange lights and tall buildings?

"That's London." Lilith said in a small voice.

"Princess! The strange lights! We may not be in England anymore. The storm blew us course." Niles said. He nervously petted his blue parrot that sat on his shoulder.

"The compass says we are headed to London. It is London and we are going over to it. There has to be a reason for those strange lights and tall buildings. Menard, steer the ship to London." Lilith gave orders to the men all the time and they obeyed her and respected her.

Menard steered the ship to the "city of lights." Lilith and her crew were quiet. She tried to act brave but she had no idea what they would encounter.

The ship docked by the city. London looked unfamiliar. Lilith was still nervous but she told her men they were going to get off the ship. Lilith was beautiful. She had long dark hair, blue eyes and dressed in purple, lavender clothes most of the time. Her mother had run a Brothel and her father had been hung as a pirate and she had a lot of "uncles" and when she turned fourteen, men at her mother's Brothel had tried to bed her. Lilith left to become a pirate. Two of the men who had tried anything with her had been flogged. Captain Alcory watched over Lilith like a daughter and had taught her to become a good pirate. She loved Captain Alcory like a father. He was sixty five and died of a heart attack four years later. She was heartbroken and the crew had made her Princess of the pirates. Lilith vowed that she wouldn't let Captain Alcory or her men down. This bright light city and tall buildings were scary but it was nightime and maybe London just seemed different.

"Lilith, Darling, are you sure we should dock here?" Mercury asked. Lilith looked at Mercury. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen. Dark black hair and hazel eyes. A good build and she had loved him on sight. He was Captain Alcory's son and Mercury had fallen in love with her as well.

"Yes, I am sure. I am not going to run from anything and you know that."

Mercury knew her well. She had challenged the natives in the Carribean. She wouldn't have backed down to Satan himself.

Mercury held Lilith's hand as they got off the ship. The other pirates followed. There were so many other buildings and cars drove on paved streets.

"Where are the cobble streets? What are those awful things with metal and wheels?" Niles asked. His parrot yelled:"Look out!" Niles gave him a cracker.

People were yelling out the car windows: "Get off the bloody streets! Are you deft? Why in the hell are you dressed like pirates?" Some other people were singing "Sailing, sailing over the Mounty Main!"

Lilith and her pirates walked down the sidewalk and there weren't any more cars. She stopped. "Okay, men, I am sure we are in London but I can't explain what those big things are with people. We are going to the bar we always go to. Just follow Mercury and I."

They walked passed a bakery, dress store, lawyer's office, McDonalds, a pet store and an antique store. Lilith stopped in front of the Antiques Store.

"Those are my mother's pillows, blue willow dishes and that horse statue with the man on it was my mother's! We are still in London. None of these buildings look famaliar but keep walking. I won't let anything happen to us." Lilith was puzzled about her mother's items being in trhat shop but at least she had recogonized something.

They kept walking and then they saw The Captain's Walk, a bar. Yes! It was the Pirate's Lady Bar that they used to go to but it looked different. A flashing sign was on the bar that flashed Ladies Night, all liquor half price. There was a woman ornament in front of the bar. It looked old but Lilith and her men knew where they were.They recogonized the woman ornament. They entered the bar and there was lights everywhere. People were smoking and there was loud music blaring out of a machine in the corner. People were dressed in denim jeans, some in black slacks and some women wore jeans and short dresses. One woman had black hair, face piercings, a lot of make up and was dressed all in black. She was a Goth. Lilith thought how spooky.

People were pointing at them and laughing. "What do you think this is? The Pirate's Ball? This isn't a costume party." Some were singing a pirate's life for me and what do you do with a drunken sailor?

Lilith and the pirates felt embarrassed and were about ready to leave. A young blonde girl with hazel eyes came up to Lilith and her men. She was dressed in blue jeans, lavender top and lavender heels. She smiled. "Hi, I am Ashley Stetson." She held out her hand.

Lilith froze. STETSON. The woman had eyes and a smile like Mercury.She shook the young woman's hand. I am Princess Lilith, a Pirate Princess."

Ashely did a double take. "You are kidding, right? My ancestor was Lilith, a Piarate Princess. I guess you are doing some role playing."

"Role playing?" Lilith turned to Mercury. "Why does this woman have your last name and even looks a little like you? She is too old to be your daughter!"

"Lilith, I don't know. Look. London looks different. We don't know why that is. Our ship got blown off course and we ended up in a London we don't know.Is it possible we aren't in the year 1856 anymore? I am puzzled, too."

"1856? This is the year 2012." Ashley was puzzled.

"Are you serious? 2012? We live in 1856. How did we get here?" Lilith was shaking.

"Your friend said your ship was blown off course. We did have an awful storm. You really are my ancestor Lilith. I heard she married a pirate Mercury Stetson and quit being a pirate. Mercury Stetson is my ancestor as well."

"I am Mercury Stetson. Lilith and I are confused but we are your ancestors." Ashley hugged him and then Lilith.

"This is so cool. You can live with me. I inherited a big old mansion and I would love to have you live with me." Ashley was all smiles.

"Sweetie, we want to go back to 1856. We are not ready for your era. We are from the past. We are dead in your time.You are sweet and beautiful and I am glad the Stetson name lives on and it means Mercury and I were married but we have to get home." Lilith held Ashley's hand.

Ashley wiped away tears and Mercury put his arm around her.

The other pirates got drinks from other people in the bar who bought them drinks because they were curious about them. Just then the bar tender said he was closing the bar because a bad storm was approaching.

"This means we can go home to our time! Come on men, we are going to the ship!" Lilith exclaimed. She hugged Ashley and Mercury did, too.

Ashley was thrilled that she met her ancestors and Lilith knew things would be alright. Lilith and her men hurried back to their ship. They got on board the ship and the storm came up. Thunder, lightning and bad winds. Like before, they kept the ship afloat but they weren't scared this time. The storm didn't last long and all was quiet. Lilith looked over to London was. No tall buildings or bright lights. They docked the ship and got off. Yes! This was 1856 London! Lilith and Mercury hugged and they and the other pirates kissed the ground. They went to their favorite bar and it looked like it was supposed to and was called The Captain's Lady.

Lilith and Mercury quit being pirates and got married.Niles gave them his parrot Lancelot. They lived in an mansion that was Captain Alcory's. They didn't know about the family mansion until a lawyer told them that Captain Alcory had bought it. Mercury started a ship building business and Lilith designed clothes. They had two children. They namec them Alcory and Ashley. They were glad to have met Ashley. If they hadn't, they wouldn't have given up being pirates. Who knows? A storm and time travel can change anyone's life.

1722 Words

Beautiful Poser of pirate couple for my pirate story by best friend Angel.
Beautiful Poser of pirate and his lady by best friend Angel.
© Copyright 2012 Princess Megan Rose (tigger at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1862496