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Megan and Jennifer's adventures on the ship continue.
The next day Megan and Jennifer visited Margaret, John and baby Charlie. They had a nurse for baby Charlie. Megan loved holding him. She loved babies.

"You ladies mean a lot to me. You helped deliver Charlie. Thank goodness you were here." Margaret was still weak but feeling better.

"I am glad we were here, too. Charlie is so beautiful." Megan was holding the baby.

"John and I think so, too. Someday when you have babies, you will know the feeling." Margaret's face was all aglow. Jennifer rolled her eyes.

Just then there was a knock on the cabin. A steward had bought in Margaret's and John's lunches. Lunch would be served in the dining room in a half hour.

"We had better go find Bradley and Miles. They will want to escort us to lunch." Jennifer was hungry.

Megan kissed baby Charlie's cheek. "We will see you later."

John and Margaret thanked the ladies again and Megan and Jennifer headed back to their cabin. Jennifer wore a red dress that had an empire waist and wore pearls and Megan wore a lavender and mauve dress. She wore pearls as well. Bradley and Miles showed up right on schedule. They greeted the ladies with kisses. The couple walked arm in arm to the dining room. It was breezy and the sun was shining.

"Were you visiting Baby Charlie again?" Miles asked.

"Of course. He is so cute and sweet." Megan was all smiles.

"After lunch, Miles and I have a business meeting. We will have to leave for awhile." Bradley smoked a cigarette and Jennifer wanted one but she couldn't in the daylight.

"Megan and I will find something to do."

"I know, my Dear." Bradley patted Jennifer's hand.

They entered the dining room. There was that pomperous ass man and his mistress. Jennifer wanted to slap him. His poor wife was sitting by herself in the back of the dining room. Jennifer felt sorry for her. Megan did, too.

They ate a nice lunch of chicken,a salad, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and chocolate cake.

Bradley and Miles talked about business. Megan and Jennifer talked about other women and their beautiful dresses. The one woman looked like she had a bird cage holding up her hair. Megan and Jennifer giggled. Bradley and Miles reminded them to be ladies. After the meal, Megan and Jennifer left and kissed their future husbands good bye. They went to up to the deck. They saw that man and his dreadful mistress.

"He is groping her in broad daylight! That pig!" Jennifer exclaimed.

"I know. Look how low cut that dress is! She is about to lose a boob!" Megan laughed. A big wind came up and the ship rocked and the cheating man fell over board. He was yelling for help. He was two stories below.

"What do we do?" Megan asked.

"We leave his cheating worthless ass!" Jennifer said.

Just then the man's mistress was yelling for help and then came the man's wife. She yelled for someone to help her husband. Megan and Jennifer got a rope that they found and tossed it down to the man.

"Tie the rope around you!" Megan told him.

The man was nervous and did as he was told hanging on to the side. The man's mistress left. Megan and Jennifer knew that was the least of their worries. They had to help the man. The man's wife, Jennifer and Megan tugged on the rope and had him part way up. Quentin, the pirate boy came along.

"Hold on a minute, Megan and Jennifer! I can help, too." Quentin had a long strap that attached to the rope and they were slowly getting the cheating man back up. Two other men tugged at the rope and Megan, Jennifer, the man's wife and Quentin got the man back on deck.

"You saved my life. Thank you. I am Bryon Hayton. I see Melissa left."

"You mean your whore girlfriend? You have a wife and she helped save your worthless butt!" Jennifer was mad.

"I made a mistake. Anna, I am so sorry. I thought I was going to die just now and all I thought of was you, our daughters Syndney and Augusta and how much I love all of you. Can you forgive me? I will never see Melissa again. I swear it. I have learned my lesson." Bryan was so sincere.

Anna hugged Bryon. "I still love you. Keep Melissa away from me. What are we going to do with her?"

Just then Melissa came back. She ran up to Bryon. She started to push Anna aside but Anna slapped her. "Get away from my husband, you whore! He is back with me. You left him when he was hanging by a thread! Get out!"

"You heard my wife, Melissa. I paid your ticket here and your ticket home. You can do what you want in France but stay away from me. You were using me and my money. I love my wife Anna. Stay away from us. You left me and my eyes have been opened. You don't love me and I don't love you. You have been drunk the whole trip. I am sure you will find another sorry miserable rich man whose bed you can share and ruin his life. You are done trying to ruin mine! Get out of my sight! Young man, escort her out of here." This was directed at Quentin.

"Thanks for helping us, Quentin. Now, escort that undesirable tramp away from everyone." Jennifer said,

"See you." Quentin saluted and led Melissa away.

Other passengers gathered around. Bryon put up his hand. "Nothing to see here. My wife and I are going to our cabin to make up and renew our marriage." He looked at Megan and Jennifer. "Thank you ladies for saving me and you men, too."

"Just be good to your wife and keep your promises to be true to your wife." Megan said.

"I will. I will never stray again." Bryon kissed his wife Anna and they went to their cabin.

Megan and Jennifer thanked the other two men for helping them. They were polite and went back to their wives.

"That was some scene. It was like a soap opera and I know how you love soaps." Jennifer said this to Megan.

"I do miss Young and the Restless. Bryon isn't good looking like Victor Newman but I love a happy ending." Megan was in Neverland.

"Let's say we go to the Quilting Thing. Something to do." Jennifer was bored.

"I am with you. Let's go." Megan was bored as well.

Megan and Jennifer went and worked on a quilt. Another lady was teaching and talking. Megan and Jennifer decided to get some tea. Saving a life took a lot out of them. They hoped they would get to France soon.They loved the ocean but this journey was taking forever. No doubt France would be another adventure.

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