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a commentary on abortion
the fetus monologue:

They want to make abortion legal in my country; the debate is all about the side of women, of the family, of the state and of the church.  What about the side of the one who will be directly affected by this issue?  What about the side of the fetus?

an open letter

…to a young and unmarried woman

i know you are still a child in many ways
unprepared to become a mother
but still i would ask this of you
can you be the strength in my weakness
can you be the protector in my helplessness
can you be mature enough for a chance to know me
if you cannot
if you would only seek pleasure without the responsibility
if you would only see me as a mistake to ruin your future
then i say to you
you are not worthy of me
and i will be taken from you

…to a rape victim

i know what was done to you
but still i would ask
can you see me as a gift
a living and breathing healing for your wounded spirit
a balm for your broken body
or am i just a parasite growing within you
if i am then you are not ready for the wholeness
that i would bring to you
and i will be taken from you

…to a mother

dear lady
within you i dream
to make your heartbeat my lullaby
to nestle in the burrow of your arms
to nurse upon your breasts
to run in your arms with my triumphs and woes at days’ end
to seek your comforting touch for every nasty bruise and scrape
to gaze in wonder at my boundless possibilities reflected in your eyes
but if you can only see me as another mouth to feed
another yoke on your overburdened shoulders
then you are not worthy to hold me
and i will be taken from you
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