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Tradition, taboo, environment and habits.

    Well, any Fundamentalist will read scripture;

                      "Woman was created for man.(Genesis 1)."

      Any schmuck will tell you;

                      "Good luck with that."

    Let's face facts. Women today have much more freedom in this country,
    than in any other time in history. So, how does a guy get some?

    I don't know any real technique. Ultimately, men are screwed.
    If you want to buy love, you'll probably get stuck in a loveless marriage.
    If you follow your heart, you'll probably lose a lot of money and get hit
    with a restraining order.

    This is the appeal of Islam; "A woman must be subservient to a man."
    Back in they day men bought their wives, like Joseph bought the Virgin Mary.
    That's Islamic law.

    I have seen grown women look like frighten fawns around Muslim men.
    Women are attracted to the danger of being captured by a Muslim man.
    I have no desire to be Muslim, but it does have its perks.

    So, my fantasy is to have sex every day.
    My reality is no sex...
    Maybe once a year if I save up for a massage.
    Allah be praised!

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