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A gothic love poem. The deepest piece I've written. This one was published back in 2013.
sweet darkness
the blood is the life...so let it flow free
share my cold embrace...for all eternity
am i on the mist or am i just a dream
in my chest there beats...a lonely dark heart
aching for your touch...hear my call in the dark
i'm your agony and your sweet ecstasy

my love eternal...a slow burning flame
your taste is on my lips...your scent permeates my brain
your love is my salvation; i'm your destiny
so put your hands in mine...accept my love's bite
and set your soul free...upon the winds of the night
and i shall be your king; you my queen for all eternity

blood of my blood
flesh of my flesh
immortality begins
at life's last breath
blood of my blood
flesh of my flesh
let's surrender
to the sweet darkness

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