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by Avi
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A Vampire destined to live a lonely life till he meets a gimmer of hope.
Bite Me

Lost. Lost and alone is what he had become. His family, his former friends, they were all dead to him now. As dead as he had become, he lifted a hand, turning it over in his gaze, seeming to marvel at how cold and still his body had become. He had no one now. No one except.. "Master? Master, is that you?" his voice was eager, almost excited to be afforded some respite from his current musings.

"Yes, child" came the familiar reply. "Come with me into the night, it is time you have strengthened yourself"

"Yes master" the words tumbled from his lips as he lept to his feet.

They flew together into the night, down dark and narrow streets, the elder smiling now and again to his silent fledgling. Finally they came upon what he had been seaking. A girl, barely more than a child, alone in the streets at night. The two came to rest at the mouth of the ally-way. They looked to each other for a moment, but they both understood. Even now, they could smell the hot blood coursing through her veins, the pounding of her heart sounding as a drum in their ears. The girl.. but wait! Something else had moved beside her. Its scent was foul and it was disturbingly silent.

"Jesse" the master called, his voice steady and firm. "Take him out," a light grin played across his face. "I want to see if you can."

"Yes master" the fledgling replied, his eyes fixed in determination on his foe. It was another like them. Dead but not dead, living but not alive. He had never seen another besides his master. This could just as easily been his brother as his enemy, but none the less, the only companion he had left in the world had told him to destroy this thing and that was all that mattered. He moved slowly towards the creature, letting his presence be known. They stared at each other for a moment. But only a moment, before the stranger lunged at him, tearing at his skin with razor-like claws. He brandished his own in return, circling, watching, darting quck strikes at exposed areas. It went on this way for some time before the foe was finally defeated. As the stranger fell into a heap in the ground, the man's eyes again returned to his master.

"Good lad. I know you could do it." His master said with a smile as he moved past him and to the bewildered girl. He took hold of her arm, leading her back towards the man. "A house warming gilft.. for you. I have set up an appartment just for you at the other side of town as a surprize. I had been excpecting this day for some time."

Jesse looked at the girl, and then his master. He was being set free. Recognised as the capable vampire he was, and yet.. the emptiness filled him again. He was truely alone now.. but now there was the girl. His own fledgling? What ould he say to her? What would he do? He nodded and moved his cold arm around the girl. Strangely, she did not draw back or scream. Its like she had always wanted this. When she looked into his eyes, there was so much vibrance, so much life.. he stared. He couldnt imagine those eyes going dim like his.. and yet.. here was the promise of a companion. a real compainion. not a master, not a distant hope.. a friend. He closed his eyes, bent his head and sunk his teeth into her delicate neck, drawing her life's blood past his lips.

"Take me with you" she breathed into his ear.

Startled by the ease in her voice, he stiffened and then drove his fangs deeper into her flesh. he drank deeply, drawing her life's blood past his lips, feeling it warm him. He pulled his head away as her body began to tremble in his arms. Feeling her weaken, he lifted her up off the ground, cradling her against his chest. her head nestled against his shoulder, she moved to gently nip his skin. He smiled. He felt strange at the warmth of her, almost giddy. He took his time making his way to the new appartment. it was small, dark and under furnished, but seemed suitable for his needs. His eyes drifted down to the girl in his arms. She was asleep now. He mused at what it would be like, sharing this place with her. Shifting, he lowered her down into his coffen, her eyes fluttering open as he moved her. Her eyes glowed as she smiled to him.

"I always wanted to be a vampire" she said to him, "ever since I was a little girl."

"I hope its all you dreamed of" he replied, sincerity in his eye.

He then moved from her, gazing out the window to the city below. "I wonder how many of us there are out there." He spoke mostly to himself, just becomming accustomed to someone else hearing him.

"More than you think" she murmered drowsily, drifting back to sleep.

His eyes returned to her, taking in the sight of someone else curled up in his coffen. He then moved to join her, letting his arms enfold her as he to gave in to sleep.
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