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A story written for my Writers' Workshop class. About a girl trying to escape her captor

She ran, ran for her life. Her once sleek, coffee coloured hair now a matted mess flew out behind her as she bolted away from him. She pushed him from her mind as she focused on finding a place where she could never be found. Turning the corner, without a second glance, she sprinted into an alleyway. A blackened, squalid dead-end alleyway. She knew she couldn’t turn around; he’d catch her if she did. Her footsteps slowed to a halt and her intense gaze scoured the alleyway for somewhere that would veil her from his eyes. She felt bricks of fear piling up inside her; panic consumed her. Her hurried footsteps carried her behind the dustbins that reeked of death, unfortunately the best hiding place she could find.

Her malnourished body curled into itself and she tried not to think about what he’d done to her for all those long months. Her eyes glinted with disgust as she recalled their first meeting and she tried desperately to push the memory into the depths of her mind. But success evaded her and the memories of the past year began to flood her mind like a raging river over which she had no control. The younger, more naive and trustworthy version of herself flashed before her eyes and she saw herself flirting with him, falling for the handsome, rugged man in front of her. He smiled that irresistible smile and she had fallen for him and just like that, she was his. A putrid taste rose in her mouth as she brought herself back to reality, and her beautiful face contorted with hatred and disgust for the vile repulsive monster. He was a hunter and she was his prey. And, unfortunately for her, he preferred to play with his food before he ate it. The monster took pleasure in taunting her and in the back of her mind she knew he had let her escape, to give her hope, a taste of freedom so he could shatter it.

All her clothes were now tattered and baggy. She looked down at her favourite skinny jeans her mother had bought her; jeans that were now disgusting and torn to pieces and were loose around her legs. At the thought of the jeans her mind started to wander to her family. Tears slid from her emerald eyes as her heart yearned for her family, for anyone who would take care of her.

A loud, purposeful sound of footsteps ricocheted off the walls of the alley. Her breathing stopped and her heart picked up the pace that could easily outrun a panther. Her eyes clenched shut. The padding of the footsteps slowed, so much so that they were now taunting. He strode over to the sheet of metal leaning against the wall and peered around it, he continued the routine with every item in the alleyway. He, absent-mindedly, started whistling a bright tune and his face pulled into a ecstatic smile as he rummaged through the alley.

She couldn’t help it, a soft sob escaped from her trembling lips; immediately her hand slapped over her mouth in fear. Slowly, his head turned towards the dust bins, eyes narrowed. He pounded to the bins and pulled them away from the wall, sending them clattering down the alleyway. Her breath caught in her throat as she realised she had been caught; her body stiffened. His hand tailored suit brushed her arm and his hot breath tickled the back of her neck. His deep, husky voice whispered into her ear triumphantly, “I found you.”
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