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My trip to paradise
I ventured away from the yoking stress
I took sanction in shade
Found under a burning sun
Like a cool breathe from God
Filling the sails of my ship
On the journey to freedom.

The temporary blindness
In the ever watchful eye
Jubilated my young soul
And gave me the fuel necessary
To fly across miles of terrain
To the golden land.

Upon my arrival
In this intriguing place
Was the warmth and attention
Of a similar yet different species.

These loved friends I mirrored
Seemed so like myself
They inserted wisdom and strength
In an outcast full of weakness.

Now I am more
More then a being
And by learning their ways
Can conquer the world.

As I sit in utopia
I’m fully aware
My initial environment
Will once again consume me.

There’s a ray of light
In my dark black home
That this species of me
Makes me never alone.
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