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Phoenix takes the next step in his guitar education...
Phoenix had been playing more complex music lately.  He got a songbook of Neil Young's Greatest Hits that was written in fingerpicking style.  He was progressing quite nicely on "The Needle and the Damage Done".  He also liked the song "Ohio".  It was to be played in something called "drop-D" tuning, though, meaning that he was stuck with just the melody until he could figure out what exactly "drop-D" tuning was.  That was okay with Phoenix, though.  He was still having a good time and he was really getting the hang of some of the techniques that had been absent in some of the simpler arrangements he had been playing.  He was actually doing some chord work and learning to move his fingers more quickly and efficiently up and down the fretboard.  His new MacBook Air had a program called Garage Band on it and Phoenix had recorded himself playing "Joshua Fit the Battle" using that program.  It was fun.  Phoenix had also downloaded some guitar lessons through that program on his Mac and had learned quite a bit from them.  He already knew most of the material presented because he had taught himself those elements of basic guitar playing, but it was good to have them confirmed and to see how someone else played the chords and strumming patterns.

Phoenix had been looking at full-size classical guitars for about a month and a half and had some picked out in his online carts at several websites.  He recently, though, within the last week, was reintroduced to a band he grew up listening to.  It was the Dave Matthews Band.  Phoenix had been watching their music videos on YouTube and noticed that Dave Matthews had an acoustic-electric guitar.  It was a black acoustic-electric that caught Phoenix's eye immediately.  Dave Matthews played it with such skill.  Phoenix began looking at acoustic-electric guitars on the sites that he had bookmarked for the fully acoustic classical guitars.  He found a Gibson for $2000 that he liked...except for the price.  Phoenix could not afford a $2000 guitar.  His maximum, if he squeezed by financially for the next few months, was $500 or less.  Phoenix admired the guitar for a while and then moved on.  He checked on another site that he had not recently looked at and found what he was looking for.  It was beautiful.  The "Cordoba C5-CE Thinbody Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar (black)" is what the listing read.  The price was $400.  That was a 20%-off deal that was good for only a few days.  Phoenix looked it over in the photos.  It had a cut-away body so that the top frets could be more easily accessed.  The wood-inlay rosette was exquisite.  Phoenix liked the Cordoba brand, too.  It was a bohemian company and Phoenix was of Bohemian descent.  The word might not have referred to the same thing in both cases, but Phoenix did not care.  He liked the guitar.  It was a full size classical acoustic-electric.  Phoenix did not know if he would ever "plug in", but he wanted the option to do so should he ever want to.  He decided that this guitar would be the best choice, given that he could not afford very many guitars, and did not have the space to store a guitar for every occasion, either.  That, and the fact that he was not very skilled at the guitar yet, solidified his choice.  He made the payment arrangements and added a 24-month warranty to his order, which brought his total to $465.  Under $500.  Free shipping.  Great deal.  Phoenix wondered when Order #100076382 would ship.
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