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A plea to God and Unworthy to listen to my plea
Correspondingly to a name called… Unworthy…

I gasped
I shook; I thought
what can be done
to shake these blues away?

The name Unworthy
unworthily, he relinquishes
last breathe
and in its wake
the earth died this day

I feared for that within the heart
a name is writ! "O Lord what
will you say? Please stay!"

Entombed within buried depths
the soil hard like clay
blackened catacombs
milky cataracts
half alive!  Oh dear, O my
now we need to pray!

I frowned so hard
I felt the fog inside my head
swirling darkness
tried to engulf me!

O senses, this dismay!

Rise within O sweet Lord
for nay, saith I
this can't be Ewe
nor truth…
but, a lie circles us
trying to steal away
the beauty of your love
thereby tearful weeps
As tears cascading down
shaking my heavens
falling in despair

My hand reached out for thee
I heard among these
Heart wrenching cries
some semblance of  hope amidst,
so thought to speak..
Silent deep waves come
crushing us like squished grapes
where shall we go
when peace and loves flow dry?

This gift of life
hangs precariously for
Men living half dead
wording sounds watching
from brokenness
Heart sighs!
O how will wills,
can I make him rise?

For within the heart
a name is writ.
O Lord what
will you say?

Promised rains from a high
gathering clouds
Oh have you heard
great things come
A beckoning
you love us yes!
True to life
oh that's so sure
Gifting abundant
to those of us along the whey
kisses simmer nature me
lift, wash me
affirm my languishing form
the abyss snarling
with dark scornful eyes
await to devour us.

Gifts reign upon us
as freely and a given
all we need
then some
more each day

Our name you cherish
behold n us within
Calls us tenderly
so nay
yours can't be this
my friend
Two ewes reside within us all
Which dew will we claim? For one been
Given to bless us, and the other wiles us to shame!

His counsel's sweet

'Beloved one' thrive
I heard him say
Rise now keep me
this grave has death
no more
Banish this
Greet this New Day
Rise out of deep sleep!

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