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A tongue-in-cheek attitude on being broke.
I've brought us up from Poverty into a state of debt.
We don't own anything we've got, at least not just yet.
But I figure we'll have it all paid-off in a hundred years or so,
But for now, I owe, I owe. So it's off to work I go.

Some nights I dream I'm being chased by my Mastercard.
Cutting me off at the pass is my checkbook, and Visa standing guard.
I have to take out a loan to fill up my car 'cause gas prices are so high
Then the government hits me with Income Tax until they bleed me dry.

I've heard it said that money talks, but mine just says,"Goodbye!"
I sweat. I fret. I work so hard, 'til it makes me want to cry.
Those bills, they keep on rolling in. They never seem to quit.
But I started out with nothing.....and I've still got most of it.
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