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The flavor of cooperation.
There was a time when Lem and Lime
would argue every day;
when Lem would say the sky was blue,
Lime argued it was gray.

And if Lime said the Earth was round
when shooting Lem a stare,
Lem simply countered that the Earth
was shaped more like a pear.

Their intention was contention--
for years that’s how it went;
sometimes they’d meet out in the street,
but friendliness was rent.

Once Lime told Lem the color green
was made for everyone;
Lem disagreed, and said it was
the yellow of the sun.

When people noticed both of them
approaching anywhere,
they realized there’d be a mix
of squabble in the air.

But then one day both Lem and Lime
shook hands and slowed their haste;
they had a drink to give and take,
and both enjoyed the taste.

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