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The night before my first hangover!
by: simple spider

I stagger down a city sidewalk car-less
Looking longingly at the street
Four Horsemen away from a Boston Burnout.

A nameless friend yells something from behind, but I can’t hear.
The cold rain drowns out his words,
A soft murmur, echoing into my warm tunnel world.

Behind fish bowl eyes I marvel
As the ground rises to catch my feet,
A rocking and swaying cemented sea.

The buildings weave in shadow lines
That spiral to the sky.
The earth tilts with my polar shifting vertigo.

Eight blocks from home
I fall off the flat edge of the world,
And watch as it spins around to catch me.

Floating on my back
In cold concrete water
Rain pelts my face with savage little droplets.

Stars burst into supernova
Green, yellow, red
A traffic light spinning round as I sink into the street

A familiar murmur
My forgotten friend, an empty sidewalk, old brick buildings,
fuzzy lights melding with the puddle and the dark.

In a tumbling sea of water color we are one.
My overwhelmed stomach cries out,
Relief graciously ripples through the air.

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