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Instructions for performing various duties as a SAJ Leader
The Official Showering Acts of Joy Leaders Handbook

Here you will find instructions for the various jobs for the Leaders. Each job comes with its own set of responsibilities, and each one has been added so we can mix and match various positions and jobs when and if the need arises. The purpose of this handbook is to give you some insight into each individual job or task that you will be doing. Full scale training for each job takes time, so we're providing this to help cut down on some of it. If you still have questions about the task, don't be afraid to ask. We want to make sure you're not confused by any of the information.

Some jobs require more work than others, so read the tasks that apply to you carefully. Everyone does things their own way, so feel free to find a way that works best for you. We hope that you enjoy being a leader, and will stay with us for a long time.

 How SAJ reviews are credited  ()
How the reviews for the SAJ shower board are credited and points determined.
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 How to update the SAJ Garden  (E)
Instructions for updating the Showering Acts of joy Garden Forum.
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 Weekly and Monthly Reviewer Rewards  (E)
How to do the Weekly an Monthly Reviewer Rewards.
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 Handling Showers  (E)
How to on how to handle showers for SAJ
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