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Phoenix's new guitar and amplifier arrive...
FedEx delivered the amplifier just after noon.  It was just what Phoenix expected.  The Fender Mustang I.  Phoenix's spouse was so excited to see it that Phoenix did not even get to open the box!  His spouse set it up for him and they waited patiently for the rest of the day for the guitar to show up.  UPS finally delivered the guitar around 1830 in the evening.  Phoenix met the delivery man at the door and wrestled the large box down the narrow stairwell and into the living room, where he took the guitar out of the box.  It was in its gig bag, a nicely padded grey case that had "Cordoba" embroidered on the accessories pouch.  Phoenix unzipped the gig bag.  There it was.  The black Cordoba C5-CE Thinbody Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar.  It was absolutely fabulous and it smelled of cedar.  Phoenix was immediately in love with it.  He tuned up all six strings and inserted the 9V battery in the compartment so that he could use the automatic tuner that he discovered after he had tuned the guitar using his Ibanez tuner.  His spouse was playing the PS3 and was at a critical point in the game.  That meant that his spouse could not immediately admire Phoenix's new guitar.  Oh, well.  Phoenix went into his office so that he could unveil his guitar when his spouse was ready.  His spouse soon came into the kitchen and asked where his guitar was.  "Have you plugged it in yet?"  No, he had not, because he wanted to share that with his spouse.  His spouse had gotten a bipod for the rifle and they tried it on the barrel before moving on to the Cordoba.  Phoenix opened the case and took out the guitar.  His spouse unwound the audio cable and plugged it into the guitar, then into the amplifier.  After playing with the combination for some time, Phoenix and his spouse finally got the amplifier to work and the Cordoba to sing with various effects.  Phoenix was incredibly impressed.  His spouse was, too, for once.  "That's a nice guitar.  Sounds good."  That was a great compliment on Phoenix's taste and his choice of instruments and equipment.  Phoenix played and played until his fingers were beginning to feel sore through the callouses.  It was well worth the cost for this new guitar.  No buzzing, no ringing, no thudding.  The strings were Savarez strings and the frets were the correct height, as was the nut.  It was a solid quality guitar.  It projected well acoustically without any amplification, and sounded great amplified as well, which was also a tribute to the Fender.

The Fender had come with some great software, too.  Phoenix loaded it on his MacBook Air and played with it some while waiting for his Cordoba to arrive.  Everything, remarkably enough, got there in one piece without any noticeable damage!  That amazed Phoenix.  He had dealt with so many damaged-in-transit incidents in the past that he always half expected something to be smashed, crushed, shattered, snapped, or otherwise broken.  This was great!
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