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by colyme
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A girl likes a girl and has a fantasy about her.
I’ve never been with a girl, but something about her makes my heart beat violently in my chest. I always stare her down in the shower at school wishing I could do unimaginable things to her soft, silky body. I watch as her hands run over her soapy body and how her breasts stand alert when she’s shampooing her hair. The hair of her pubic region lays flat in a perfect triangle, neatly trimmed. Her buttock is firm and sticks out just a little but is by no means big. Every time I look at her I could melt. If only I could touch her breast just once or kiss her pale-pinkish lips just once, then I could die.

The thought of her still lingers in my head when I lay down for bed. I start touching myself. I close my eyes and when I open them she’s on top of me, kissing me. I was afraid but she let out a peaceful aura. Soon I kissed her back. Our tongues mated and my fingers were entwined with her hair. She stopped kissing me and undid my robe and told me to just lay back and feel it. First she put some fingers inside me. There was a lot of pressure but it felt great. When she was done she made me lick her fingers clean. Immediately after, her head was between my legs and tingles shot up my spine. I could feel her tongue gently but swiftly taste my insides. By the time she made it to my clit, it was swollen and I was ready to explode. One soft flutter and every amount of sexual fluid inside of me came rushing out. I gasped for air and opened my eyes, all to find myself alone in my room with soaking sheets and bloody panties.
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