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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #1864501
Vampire falls for a slayer with problems of her own.
              I wondered down the streets with only the moon lighting my way. I kept waiting for a vampire to attack. Lately, though, the vampires seemed to be avoiding me. I couldn't hunt the damn things if they wouldn't show themselves. I sighed in frustration and pulled out a vial of crimson liquid. Blood. My secret weapon. Something that would lure them out, make them go into a frenzy. I held it in front of me and let it slip through my fingers as I closed my eyes. I stood there for at least a minute. I didn't hear the glass break so I opened my eyes slowly. I looked down and saw only the cobblestones of the street. I turned around slowly, looking for the vial. It had disappeared! I couldn't find it anywhere in the street. I sighed taking out my second to last vial. I'd have to get more soon, I thought offhandedly. This time I'd make sure the blood spilled. I pulled the cork out with my teeth and tipped the vial slowly, watching the red liquid pour out. The blood splattered on the ground, forming red blossoms on the dark street. A pale figure lunged toward me as I dropped the vial. I jumped out of the way as the vamire lapped up the blood. I was quick as I took out my stake and impaled the vampire's heart. He slumped to the ground, making a soft thump. I jammed the stake further in just to be sure that he was dead, then I jerked it out and looked around. Several pale faces stared back. There were to many. I felt dizzy. Some of the vampires were smiling while others frowned. A pale face seperated itself from the others. All I saw was his blue eyes. All I heard was his voice.
             "You are mine," he said then everything went black.
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