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A metaphoric story using colors as characters. Not the best choice of title, in retrospect

         Once in the not so distant future, the colors of the world were being summoned to come forth. There was to be a special meeting, a convention to discuss the problems they were having between, or amongst themselves. These colors looked humanoid, but without an outline. Their edges were fuzzy, and irregular in shape; they acted very human, and had human like qualities.

          The leaders of color, yellow, red, and blue had seen this conflict brewing between all the other colors for a while now. They met with each other, and decided they would put together a convention where they could gather together all the colors, to discuss their problems. The call went out to whole world inviting in all colors.

          At the convention, all the colors were gathered together. The leaders took their seats, and were talking amongst themselves. Having a special bond between them, they were of one spirit. The commotion in the air was intense. They anticipated this verbal storm might happen, and looked forward to the growth of the colors after everything was clarified. They were the peacemakers of this group, and knew they had their work cut out for themselves.

         The other colors were bickering, all talking at once, mostly in arguments. Each one thought they were brighter, or a better color then the other. Telling each other how good they are, how special they were. No other color was better then themselves. Egos were very great that day.

          Green was talking to the other colors. Green was saying to the others how great he was being green, because he was the color of most things. Green was thinking to himself that no other color was even comparable to him. “Look all the leaves on the trees, the plants, the different fruits, and vegetables that give the world food needed for life, and GREEN. Even in some countries their money is green just like me, bringing the wealth throughout the world.” He went on bolstering, and bragging. He was belittling all the colors, and saying that, “I should be the leader color. What is so great about red, blue, and yellow? Why are they the leaders, I should be the supreme leader above all.” He envied the power that the leaders had, and in his eyes he believed this power should be his.

         He asked Red, “Why do you think you're superior? I can be so many different things, I can be any kind of fruit or vegetable, pretty much. What make you so special? You can make an apple, strawberry, raspberry, all small compared to me. What makes you think you're so good. I can make a green apple, kiwi, grapes, the list goes on and on. Besides most things were green before they ever were even red.”

          He asked Blue, “What makes you believe you're so special? You can make a blueberry. I laugh at such a puny thing. You probably can make a plum, if you hold your breath long enough”. With a laugh he said, “You're nothing compared to me.”

          He asked Yellow, “What makes you so special? You can make a banana, a lemon, and so few other things, you're nothing compared to what I am.”

          He then started picking on all the other colors, the purples, pinks, grays. In his eyes none of them were better, in fact they were all less then him.

          In a sense of urgency the convention was then called to order. Since the red, yellow, and blue were in charge of this convention, they each in turn spoke how they wanted to bring peace and harmony across the world. Obviously there was a lot of work that needed to be done.

          The other colors were whispering, and then grew louder and more vocal, each having their own grievances about this color or that color. Shouts rang out. “I'm better, you're nothing.” Silence was demanded by the leaders, “One at a time please.”

          Green was being obnoxious and thinking that he should be the sole leader of the whole world, and of this convention because he was the best. He shouted out to the leaders that they should step down. “Make me the leader, I will take care of this mess, and every one of these colors will bow down to me.” Orange stood up, and seconded the motion, being an ally of green. A few others joined in. It appeared that there was going to be a coup.

          Red, yellow, and blue being the true peacemakers of the colors were talking amongst themselves. They thought maybe they should tell them all again what this was a about, unity. Green got even more boisterous. He was speaking and telling the others to help him overthrow the trio. There would be much wealth and glory for any color that helped.

          The leaders knew that had to put a stop to this at once, or there would be chaos throughout the universe. They decided to let green know where he stood. Yellow spoke first. “I am the color of the sun, I am the sun. I give you the warmth, light, and love for the land. Without me all your green growths, fruits, and vegetables, would shrivel and die. What would we even need money for then?”

         Blue spoke next, “I am the color the sky, the air that you breathe. I am the color of the oceans, and the waters, the rains which nourishes the land so you can have a drink to make all things green to grow.”

          Red spoke next, “I am the blood of the earth. I am the core of magma, I flow out to the outer edges. As I cooled I formed mountains, and valleys, making the cups on earth to catch the rains. Along with waterways to nourish the land. I am the earth. I made the soil, without me you would have no place to grow.”

          Green pondered this for several moments and his expression gradually changed.

         Yellow then said, “Green, how dare you think of yourself so superior to the rest of us. Did you not know that I being yellow could merge with blue, and make you. We wouldn't need you anymore, and could push you aside like you were nothing.”

          Red chimed in, “Orange you were the major backer of green, If I red merged with yellow we could make you. You could be tossed aside like you were nothing. As a matter fact, us three in any combination could make anyone of you, and we have! We are one within the spirit. The spirit blows like the wind, mixing us together to form any color. You don't know what direction the spirit comes from, or the color that will be made. The spirit blows spinning us rapidly, turning us into energy. When us three merge as one in the spirit, we can make ourselves into any color or matter in the universe. Together we can be the purples, pinks, and any other color that exists. Without any one of us three, major color groups would be wiped out. Now that you can all see this, remember our power.” said Red.

          “Can you now see green, we don't really need you. If you think you are worth so much toss us out, and see what you can make by yourself. We are we are the makers of all colors, and all the colors here exists because of us.” said Yellow. “We will tell you all that we're the spirit, the earth, water, fire. We are like the four elements. Without us nothing exists, and nothing existed before us. Yes you all being the color that you are, became representative of our nature. We are the makers of the heavens, and earth. All that is seen is in the glory of all your colors. Everything is part of us, and you are part us. You are our creation, our colors. We just wanted to tell you that before you destroy each other. Although you can still do that if you wish.” said Blue.

          “We can still this make this all over again. We don't need any of you to do this. We have the power amongst yourselves to do just that. We don't want to see you perish, we enjoy you all. We want every single color that ever existed, always to exist. You were made individually, on purpose, so you could see all the great things that you could become. Now if one of you think your better than another, just remember that all of you come from us.” It was Reds last remark at the convention.

          The convention closed; the spirit, and the trio of colors left. There was silence at the convention. They were all stunned. One of the colors began to talk to their neighboring color, and other colors did the same. Each asking what they could do to help one another.

Thomas Seeker

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