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by LDSmom
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Written for a college literature class discussion prompt on flash fiction assignment.
Wake Up!
by Laura S. Kearney

Her bowl was empty. Fudgie padded to the human's dim sleeping den. "Meow?" No answer. She leaped on the bed. The female was soft and warm under her paws. Silly humans! Why sleep so late? Get up! Feed me!

A hand petted her then fell limp. What? Come on! The female's breath was slow, steady and minty. Fudgie tickled the human's face with her whiskers; it disappeared under the covers. She patted the blanket. She poked her paw then her head under. "Meow!? Purrrrr . . ." Something under the cover poked her. She pounced. Had to. Cat's law.

Brrriiinnnggg! Fudgie jumped and puffed at the growling box. The human touched the box to make it sleep then stood up, making mouth noises. "Eat" was one she knew. Yes! Finally! Nothing sounded as good as food hitting her bowl.
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