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May 2012 Dialogue 500 Entry
“I said yeah, didn’t I?”
“You don’t look ready.”
“Shut up.”
“Hey, I’m not going in there, unless you’re really ready.”
“Give it a rest, I said I’m ready, dammit.”
“Alright. Going in.”

“He ain't talking, Captain.”
“Well, why would he?”
“If I was in his position, I’d talk.”
“Yeah, and you’re not him.”
“Why’d he do it?”
“Does it matter?”
“No, I guess not.”
“So, Detective. Tell us why you did it.”
“I didn’t kill him.”
“It was your gun.”
“And it was your prints found on the gun.”
“No kidding. It’s my gun.”
“Hey, wiseass, you better cooperate.”
“I am cooperating. You asked why I did it. I said I didn’t kill him.”
“Well, your partner certainly didn’t kill himself.”
“Actually, he did.”
“He wasn’t ready. I asked him if he was ready.”
“He wasn’t ready?”
“That’s what I said, didn’t I?”
“Why don’t you explain why your partner wasn’t ready?”
“Where are you going?”
“The kitchen.”
“Did you clear it?”
“You’re sure?”
“Don’t start that again.”
“Just asking. You weren’t ready last time.”
“Shut the hell up. I came in, didn’t I?”
“Fine. What do you want in the kitchen?”
“I’m hungry, man.”
“Seriously? Now?”
“We’re on a case.”
“No kidding.”
“This isn't right. Look, we cleared the house, let’s call it in and head back.”
“After I get a drink.”
“Dammit, John, don’t even think about it.”
“Oh look, want a beer?
“No I don’t want a damn beer, let’s GO.”
“How about a sandwich?”
“John, your prints are going to be all over that fridge.”
“Hey, let’s see what’s in the freezer.”
“No, John, stop.”
“Holy…! Is that….Sally?”
“I told you not to open the freezer.”
“Jesus! Chris…that’s your WIFE? Oh god, what did you do?”
“I know you’ve been seeing her.”
“Wait, what? Chris, put the gun down!”
“No, John. You are...were my partner…and best friend. I trusted you. But that’s my WIFE.”
“She didn’t love you! You were always gone, I just gave her what she needed! What you couldn’t give her, Chris!”
“That's just about the worst thing you could have said.”

“So you did kill him.”
“He killed himself, like I said.”
“You just admitted to killing him! And, your wife!”
“They brought it on themselves.”
“You’re sick!”
“Yeah, well, life’s tough all over.”
“Case closed, I take it?”
“Yeah. I hate to say it, Captain, but I sympathize.”
“You can’t be serious…”
“Hell, I hated my ex-wife. But if someone I trusted, even my brother or best friend was seeing her on the side, I’d be a little bit upset too.”
“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”
“Good for you.”
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