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Megan and Jennifer see whales and they are in danger.
Megan and Jennifer spent some time with Margaret and baby Charlie. Charlie would smile and Megan thought he had a poker smile and would be a good card shark. After all, she knew Charlie's future as Arizona Charlie. It was nice to know one of your ancestors. Margaret was geting tired and the nurse wanted to take care of the baby. Megan kissed Charlie's cheek and said she would see him tomorrow.

Megan and Jennifer walked up to the deck. Megan saw a huge grey thing and smaller grey thing.

"Jennifer, what are those masses? This is spooky!"

"I see them, too. Let's go get a closer look."

Megan and Jennifer looked in the water. It was a hump back whale and her baby!

"Oh! This is so cool! They are beautiful! I love them!" Megan exclaimed.

"Wow! We get to see whales. I always wanted to see whales." Jennifer was excited, too.

The mother whale pushed her head out of the water and Megan petted her head and the baby as she leaned over the ship. Megan reached to far and fell but she landed on the mother whale. The mother whale raised up Megan as she just missed falling in the water as Jennifer and Bryan pulled her back over.

"Thank you so much. That was beautiful and breath taking. The mother whale didn't let me fall in the water." Megan was in another world.

"I am glad you are alright, Miss. You helped saved my life and I am glad I was here." Bryon seemed like a different man these days.

"I am fine. Thank you." Megan turned her attention back to the whales.

"There is a whaling ship across the water. They will be captured." Bryan said.

"No, they won't!" Megan said a prayer. She couldn't drag the whale mother and her baby on board.

"Megan, we can't do anything to help. Maybe we can get them to swim out to sea going straight." Jennifer could see the whaling ship across the water even though there was some fog.

"I wish I had my moonstone here. Maybe the gypsies could help." Megan was hoping against hope.

"The gypsies can't appear on the ocean. Megan, I want the whales to be safe but we have to be realistic. We can't help these beautiful creatures."

Megan petted the mother whale as she reached her head up to Megan.

"Take your baby and be safe. Swim out straight and I will pray for you. In America where I live, whales aren't hunted in my time. Be safe. Thanks for not letting me fall in the water. You are beautiful. Go now." Megan petted the baby and Jennifer petted them, too.

The mother and her baby swim away. Megan sighed. Just then someone yelled: "Pirates!"

Sure enough, there was a pirate ship. Megan's heart skipped a beat. The flag indictated that they didn't want to do battle. That changed. The pirate ship changed flags to skull bones. Megan and Jennifer embraced each other. OH NO! THEY WERE GOING TO FIGHT PIRATES AGAIN!

The ship went on past them. They were headed towards the whaling ship. The two ships were far away from their ship but the passengers could see them inspite of the fog. There was a sound of cannons and smoke and fire. It was hard to see what happened due to the smoke and fire. Five minutes later, the smoke cleared. The whaling ship had been destroyed.

Megan yelled: "Yes! Tsat is one whaling ship that never will hurt whales again! I love you pirates! Maybe the gypsies had a hand in this. No. God heard my prayers. Thank you, Lord." Megan looked up to the sky.

"I don't believe this but I love it. Megan, the whales are safe.I am glad those pirates showed up."

Bradley and Miles showed up and hugged their women.

"What happened?" Bradley asked.

"The pirates blew up that whaling ship. There were two whales, a mother and a baby. We petted them and Megan almost fell in the water but the mother whale pushed Megan back up. It was awesome." Jennifer was so calm.

"Darling, are you alright?" Miles hugged Megan.

"I am fine. It was beautiful. I love whales. It is so cruel to hunt them. In our time, whales are no longer hunted in America. The pirates blew up the whaling ship. It was great!" Megan's eyes danced.

"I love you. I am glad you are safe." Miles kissed Megan.

Passengers were gathered around talking about what happened. The pirate ship left. The captain speeded up the ship and went forward. They were far away not to get blown up but the captain wasn't taking any chances.

"I heard you two girls rescued Bryon Hoyt and that his wife, Quentin and two other men helped you. We leave for a business meeting and you ladies have an adventure." Bradley smiled.

"Yes, we did. Bryon helped pulled Megan back over when she fell on the whales." Jennifer laughed.

"Megan, you could have been hurt. You have to be careful. I am worried about you. I guess I can never let you out of my sight."

"Miles, I am fine. You don't need to stick to me like glue. I won't fall over board anymore. I will be more careful. I just wish I could thank those pirates for blowing up that whaling ship."

"We don't need those pirates back. If I never see another pirate or gypsy again, that would be too soon." Miles didn't like pirates and gypsies.

"Miles, be fair. The pirates did us a favor and sailed away. Lighten up." Megan started tickling Miles.

He gently pushed her way and kissed her cheek.

Just then it thundered and the wind picked up. Luckily, this wasn't going to be a bad storm. Miles, Megan, Bradley and Jennifer went to the dining room. They got got some tea and cookies. The storm passed quickly.

"How was your meeting?" Jennifer asked.

"It was a business meeting. Business is good for my family and Miles."

"That is good." Jennifer was dying for a cigarette but she would wait until night and smoke then.

Megan, Miles, Bradley and Jennifer went up to the deck to walk around. Megan kept looking around the ocean.

"What are you looking for?" Jennifer asked.

"Mermaids. Vikings. More pirates.My whale friends."

"Oh, Megan. The whales are probably faraway by now. As for Vikings, no thank you. Mermaids. They might want our future husbands."

"They wouldn't get them."

"Get who?" Miles asked.

"Our future husbands. Mermaids might be out here putting the moves on you." Megan laughed.

"Not a chance. I love you." Miles hugged Megan.

Just then was a splash of water. Megan looked up. The mother whale and her baby were back! Megan ran over to the side of the ship to pet them. Miles held Megan's hand so she wouldn't fall in again. Jennifer anf Bradley went to see the whales. Other passengers were curious as well.

"I am so glad you and your baby are safe. The pirates took care of that awful whaling ship." Megan leaned over to hug the whale and Miles kept a hold of Megan so that she wouldn't fall. Just then a bigger whale was close by.

"Oh look! That must be her mate!" Megan waved at the other whale. "Hi, Daddy Whale! Take your wife and baby and head for America! You will be safe there! I promise!"

"I am so sure he understood, Megan." Jennifer laughed.

Megan and Jennifer petted the mother and baby some more and the male whale sprouted water and the mother and the baby swam over to the male whale. They went east. Megan waved at them. She hoped they would be safe.

"Darling, the male whale is swimming in the direction of America." Miles smiled.

"Maybe they can send a message to the other whales and they will all go to America." Megan hoped.

"He got your message and I am sure he will tell the others." Miles admired Megan.

"Megan, you made a difference in the whales lives today." Jennifer looked at the ocean and it was getting hard to see the whales.

"Wouldn't it be great if we could change history in this time? Jane would get honored for her writing in her life time and get married." Megan sighed.

"We have had an adventure and we aren't done, yet. I am so glad we are here. I just wish this ship would get to France but I miss my babies."

"They are fine, Jennifer. Vicki and Bill will take good care of them." Megan enjoyed the fresh ocean air. There were more adventures yet to come.

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