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Writing a story about a young female named Iris' life. Draft of first chapter.

What Even.

Chapter 1: Augustus

         "Well?" Asked Ms. Kline. She was tapping her pencil on the edge of the desk impatiently. I focused on the rhythm, trying to keep the tears from my eyes.

         "Iris, honey," she looked concerned now, like she cared. "Iris, I need you to know you can trust me. I won't tell anyone, it will be just between us. I promise you." She held her pinkie out, smiling weakly.

         "Trust. I haven't been able to trust anyone in a while."

         Ms. Kline looked puzzled. "What do you-" the bell sounded.

         I gathered my books hurriedly and fast-walked out of the classroom. I could feel the eyes on me, the whispers creeping into my ears. I kept my head down, watching the floor, until I was out of that terrible place. Just keep going, I told myself. Just go.

         Excuse me, where are my manners? I’m getting ahead of myself. I guess the beginning, when I was happy, is a good place to start.

~ ~~

         It was the 4th grade. I was a bit of a tomboy at that age. Boys never really liked me, but it didn’t really matter that much. We had a course in school called Talent Development, where you would pick a subject that you were interested in, or just seemed fun. I chose a brain teaser class, and it was quite fun trying to figure everything out.

         I hadn’t noticed him right away. If I knew what would’ve happened, I probably wouldn’t have paid any mind to him. He ruined me.

         It was one Wednesday when the teacher announced we’d be working in partners.

         “Make sure you work together to figure out the puzzle! Whichever group finishes first will get a reward!”

         I glanced around and joined a group with my friend, Mairead, and a few other people, including him.

         As soon as I glanced at him, I was a goner. His teeth were so perfect and white… His smile was gorgeous, as were his eyes. His name was Augustus, and I was completely lost in him.


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