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This is where I am at with the guitar currently, and my thoughts on the subject...
The guitar.  I believe what I have for the guitar right now may be called an obsession.  Even when I am tired of playing it, I cannot step away from it - I want to continue working on the song or riff or baseline or whatever I am trying to get down  I love the feel of the instrument in my hands, against my body, the smell of cedar in my nostrils.  I love the feeling of the frets and pressing the strings down with the calloused fingers of my left hand while fingerpicking with my right.  I cannot get over the sounds of the chords, the complexity of the rhythms as the notes sound together or in succession, all flowing smoothly into a melody when played correctly.

I listen to the song recordings when I am not playing, noting the transitions and the harmonies, the various instrumental parts, the ranges of tones.  I watch YouTube videos for glimpses of the artists playing the guitar.  They are so polished - make it look so easy.  They even sing as they play.  I have been able more and more to play without looking at my fingers.  I am proud of that ability  That is progress.  I can read music and tablature, and play by ear.  So I am trying to tackle "Classical Gas" right now because I want a good-sounding challenge.  I am getting parts of it slowly, but surely.  I love the fact that my husband can recognize it!  I want to learn "Classical Gas" for my husband, "St. Louis Blues" for my dad, and a whole bunch for myself.  I can play single-note melodies really well.  Now I am working on multiple-note melodies, all in fingerpicking style because I can do a lot more with fingerpicking than with a plectrum.

The guitar is calming to me.  I find peace and reassurance in playing it.  That is the best part - an accomplishment that is not stressful and full of anxiety, but is instead relaxing and fulfilling.  A new hobby that I am motivated to continue - driven to continue for pure pleasure.  It makes me happy.  I praise God for the guitar and the ability to play it, and I pray that God blesses me with talent in playing it, that He would make me a great guitar player for His glory and not my own.  That all may see and know that He is God and I am his servant.  I must say, "Thank you, God."

Phoenix Jones
Cordoba C5-CETBK
Fender Mustang I
playing since February 2012
written 01 May 2012
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