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Youll know when its coming its up to you to escape.........
I had bruises from my head to toes. Blood dripping like water from a kept on faucet. It was a miracle that I had found a way out. A way out of the scariest room I had seen. A room with four walls and dark. To dark. I had never seen the beast that took me but I knew it was a beast.

Now I just had to survive. Survive in the woods. Alone. With no help from anybody. With no help to navigate through the darkness of the night.

My feet ached with severe pain. I couldnt run beacause the pain was too much for me to bare, but I had to walk. My life depended on it. I couldnt see it behind me but I knew it was there I just knew it. The beast. It gave off a strong scent of fear. It contaminated the air with fear. Once it was in your lungs you could feel it run through your vains and cells of your body.

Still I continued to walk. The smell of fear grew stonger. I had to move faster but my body just wouldnt let me. Death kept me going. To be afraid of death kept me to keep on walking as I did now. I didnt want to die but something inside of me told me I was dead already.

The scent of fear grew stronger. I almost choked on it. It stopped me in my tracks for a second or two. Again I continued to walk. Then the smell petered. Then gone completly. I sniffed the air. Nothing. The smell was definantly gone. Something about it didnt feel right. I had no time to worry of it I had to walk I just had to.

I walked till I heard the bushes move. "Who was that" I said as if to get a response. I turned my head and saw nothing. Nothing but the trees and bushes of the night. Then. The smell of fear came back and stonger then ever. I looked in front of me. I yelped in terror....................
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