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by Archie
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Don't you miss those good old TV shows?
One of the best things about television is what was. The networks had really good shows as I was growing up, or, do I just remember it with a sense of over fondness. Those were the days, my friends, when my parents could leave me alone with the channel selection without concern about child-friendly shows being all I watched.

Some of my favorites and shows I would like to see again follow:

* Rin Tin Tin -- How many of you remember that magnificent cavalry dog, Rusty, Lieutenant Masters, Sergeant O'Roarke and Fort Apache?

* Sky King -- Cowboy of the air always fighting crooked ranchers, rustlers, and saving his niece Penny from danger.

* Lassie -- The story about the world's smartest dog and the world's dumbest boy.

* Howdy Doody Show -- With the Peanut Gallery, Clarabell the Clown, and, of course, Buffalo Bob; this was a classic early show. Am I giving up my age here?

* Cannonball -- This show followed the adventures of two truck drivers as they traveled the roads and dealth with family issues.

* Route 66 -- Two young men travel the historic Route 66 in their Corvette. Each stop in small towns along the way brought new stories, new adventures.

* The Virginian -- One of many westerns on TV as I was growing up.

* Ben Casey -- The neurosurgeon who was always angry, and almost always right. ?

* Dr. Kildare -- The intern who always worked one level above his pay grade.

* Jet Jackson -- Science fiction with really cheap sets.

* Clutch Cargo -- The animated feature with the really weird mouths on its characters.

* The Danny Thomas Show -- Bland, but still some funny situations.

* Lock Up -- The only show that I remember that centered on a District Attorney.

* Dragnet -- The original series with Jack Webb as Sergeant Friday. The dialog was wonderful.

Are any of you old enough to remember any of those shows? TV shows today seem to lack the characterizations of the old shows. Perhaps because those were simpler times? I would enjoy seeing the old shows again, perhaps as TVLand series. I would really enjoy TV writers becoming writers again.
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