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by Archie
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so sad that music brings us down in such an ugly way.
Rap is detrimental to life.

The latest sad story of rappers killing each other is but one of many we read about, hear about in the various news media. Why do we continue to glorify the rape and physical abuse of women, perverted sexual exploits, gang philosophies, violence against each other, and, a total lack of respect for oneself?

Not one for censorship, I would prefer that performers and listeners would "wise up" to their folly of fools' music, rap. Those who appreciate rap are unlikely to appreciate constructive human relationships. They are unlikely to look at your property as yours alone, and they are likely to be under the influence of either or both alcohol and drugs.

One of the tip-offs should be the foul, ultra-foul language, a true measure of the performer's lack of social graces, basic social graces. The language of rap portrays a niche of society that respects nothing and delights in violent chaos.

Why do people worship at the rap tables in music stores, their heroes little more than lawless thugs? You, rappers, tell me. If you can put words together into a coherent sentence.
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