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A poem meant to replenish the mind with the joy of simple things.
As she walks, petals fall below her feet,
A beautiful sight, filled with green.
Her subjects hide and run away,
Alas, they are beneath her, astray.
As she walks, another person gains life,
Yet others fear her and live in fright.
The petals, they, they drop with a sound
Which is the most beautiful to be found.
People celebrate her sisters and such
But nobody acknowledges her much.
And yet she still walks, without sorrow
And will not stop till tomorrow.
And undaunted she will keep walking, ignoring complaints
And never will she ever be, restrained.
A beautiful maiden, that she is,
And will always be within.
Yet sometimes the eloquence fails
And to another queen she hails.
She falls under the queens spell,
And sends horrors from hell.
She is irate, and her brothers all fear,
Because she is coming near.
She chokes out her brother, leaves him to die
And doesn't bother saying goodbye.
Her mind, whirling with unknown rage.
Let herself go on a wild rampage.
Her hair started to zap
And she reached, just to grasp.
The creatures saw her, they started to shout
And went away and would not come out.
She regained her conciousness, she shook her head
And within minutes the queen was dead.
She woke up her brother and went to sleep
And out her brother creeped.
The creatures came out, and smiled in glee.
They laughed and they played, all merry.
She couldn't see the praise she never got,
And later became disraught.
She cried two, three tears, falling away
And created a beautiful day.
The happiness satisfied her for a while,
But she again went into denial.
She writhes roils,
Letting out flashes of silver coils,
Jagging down like knives thrown through the night,
No calm was left in sight.
She looked at the calamity before her,
Children running and screaming in terror.
She knew in her heart that this needed to end,
And this spell continued over and over again.
Look for the heavens tears in your life,
They will calm your worries and soothe yiour strife.
However, if you forget her and abuse her goodwill,
All hell will fall upon you, and death will take you still.
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