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Ever wonder how we became the consumerists that we are today? Read and find out.
How It All Got Started

Tookey walked into the Spear Gear Cave with his head hung low. He had only bought his spear three moons earlier and this is his seventh time returning for service.
He hated going to the Spear Gear Cave. the only thing worse than a spear salesman is a used spear salesman. Tookey went directly to Swak-ak-ak, who was painting the west wall of the cave. Tookey examined Swak-ak-ak's paintings for a moment then dismissed them as being, primitive at best. He thumped his spear end twice on the ground to gain Swak-ak-ak's attention. Swak-ak-ak turned to Tookey, snorted twice, reached under Tookey's loincloth, then gave him two firm tugs, as was the customary greeting at the time. Tookey returned the greeting with a twisted face, he hated the Spear Gear Cave.

What bring you here? asked Swak-ak-ak.

Spear not work. Stone not sharp. Not fly straight. Attack not damage enough.
As Tookey complained about his spear, Swak-ak-ak motioned for Trog to take the spear to the service bay for a re-grind.
Trog grunted, greeted Tookey, then tried but was denied greeting Swak-ak-ak before he carried Tookey's spear to the service cave in the back.

Swak-ak-ak handed Tookey a stone tablet, such the likes he had never seen before. It was edgeless, void of any pointy bits. Tookey turned the stone piece in his hand over and over, it seemed endless. Tookey was mesmerized.

What is? asked Tookey.

Wheel, it called. It greatest thing since fire. Come in many color.

Tookey held the wheel and examined it closely, touching it everywhere feeling its odd seemingly infinate feature of shape.

It so smooth he crooned. What do with it? asked Tookey.

Swak-ak-ak went into his already polished sales pitch, "Wheel do everything. Make everything easier. Make everything faster. Add to spear.
Tool with-in a tool. Soon Wheel will be in every cave on rock. Best part...Buy one for two deer skins and one bird, but not bring bird for six moon. Like on sign I am painting," gesturing to the cave painting he had been working on.

Before day's end, Tookey was leading the Woolley Mammoth attack, his newly serviced spear at the ready, but his mind was filled with dreams of the wheel, wondering what color he would choose for his new most loved possession.

The End
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