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A poem about the battle for our souls
         Upon the glass of my heart and soul I stand, shadow surrounds and enslaves me. And so I beheld two dragons, one shining as the brightest star, the other black as the deepest chasm. They fly above, fighting over me, for my soul. A light shines from the heavens and fires rage below where darkness rules.
         Before me is a battleground of thousands of demons and angels clashing with each other, fighting for the dominion of the Kingdom of Heaven. Why do they fight here? Why in my soul and not in some rightous field of war?
         It is because the Kingdom of Heaven is not made of rock and stone nor is it made of flesh and bone. The Kingdom of Heaven is made up of the souls of men where we are cities to be conquered. This war of good and evil is waged within us all, one side will win so now you must decide: who will you let in?

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