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What would you do on a dare?

      The lunchroom at any high school is a minefield.
  Oh, I will never forget Scutch the popular athletic bully.
  Scutch liked to scoop my lunch up off my plate and eat it.
  So, I put laxatives in it. He crapped his pants and fainted.

        But, what would a teenager do on a dare?
  I look at the news now and feel pretty lucky not to be in high school.
  Some lunatic brought a stun gun to school in Florida, because he was
  being bullied for being Gay.

        A stun gun? Really?
  In my day we had real guns and grenades.
  Well, I guess that's not good advise ..
  Just find a group and stay in the pack..

      Sigh.. gotta go!

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