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The title covers it!
In they come one by one.
Bleary eyed, and looking to me.
One wants coffee.
One wants soda, with caffeine please.
The dogs want back out to play.
I send them ALL outside.
This appeases the dogs.
I set to work.
On goes the slowly filled wash pot.
It is so heavy to lift onto the stove.
Two fry pans follow.
One for bacon.
One for eggs and bagels
Plate by plate I cook for all.
Plate one is served.
Plate two is served.
On goes the goods for plate thr..
Where is number three?
Still asleep in a warm cabin!
On to my breakfast then.
Bacon Eggs and a bagel hit the plate.
Mmm....So good I love camp food.
One last bite, so delish.
Here is number Three now.
"What's going on?
Why didn't you wake me.
That's not fair.
I'm awake enough to eat,
And I've missed Breakfast."
Time passes and hunger creeps on.
"Whats left for me" asks Three.
To much delight,
On goes a saved plate of bacon eggs
and bagel for one.
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