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by Zuk
Rated: E · Poetry · Death · #1866604
A poem about when tragedy strikes, when all hope seems lost, the end is always brighter.
Lightning flashed across the sky

And the tears fell from heaven

And the winds ceased their moaning

And the seas broke themselves upon the rocks

Time stopped

And the world you knew ended

The fire that once filled you with it's warmth was now gone

The flame that you helped nurture from a spark to a blaze

That you tended to with kindling

And protected from the wind and the rain

The very thing that kept you going on those cold, dark nights

Now burnt out

But nothing is lost forever

Soon your eyes adjust to the darkness of night

But the moon and the stars now provide you light

And show you a path, with your new found sight

Until the deafening night sheds it's skin

The sky brightens to a lighter blue

And the shadows crawl across the land

And you see your flame break the horizon

Now a thousand times brighter

And bringing more warmth and comfort

Then ever before
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