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The Doctor Who episode you'll never see..
          The Tardis is a complex of crystal harmonic technology harnessed
      for time travel inside of a seemingly harmless object, such as a blue
      wooden British call box. Muzzy, a chronic under achiever; could not
      resist an open door. He surmised that the tardis was a vehicle of
      some sorts disguised as a blue call box.
      Muzzy had observed the tardis materialize and slipped inside the
      open door. A table with a tray of tea cups and a tea pot waited inside.
          Muzzy sat at the table and poured some tea.
      The interior of the tardis was larger than the exterior another
      property of dimensional shifting that Muzzy hasn't a clue about. The tardis
      crystals glowed blue and red with a groaning of machinery beyond
      the walls. He couldn't notice any movement, but the tea was splendid.

          "Hmm? This could be someplace important or outer space."
      Muzzy noticed a view screen. It displayed a lovely green scene with
      beautiful roses and tulips of every color..
            "Must be someone's garden." Muzzy scratched his left ear.
      A read out appeared on the bottom of the screen.

              >Comparatively healthy oxygen levels.
                  No hostile incident in the garden.<

      Muzzy could feel a fierce presence somewhere looking out from the garden.
      Her eyes appeared phosphorescent with wild green fire. He gagged on some tea.
      She was looking at him from a tree limb as if she could see him through the
      video screen. But, was that possible?

            "I am definitely not going out there." he said and put down his tea cup
      and saucer. "Where is the toilet?" he muttered and looked about the many
      rooms of the tardis. There was even an indoor pool. Muzzy rattled a sticky
      door knob and fell out of the tardis onto a strawberry bush. The door shut
      behind him, locking him outside.

              First things first Muzzy peed.
              As he zipped up, the women appeared above him.
                She rested like wisps of smoke on a branch.
              "Oh? Hello. I hope I haven't offended you." Muzzy smiled and
              stepped back nervously.
              She dropped to the ground like a cat and then walked to the right
              of him. For all he could surmise she was human or human like.
              And her skin tight leotards suggested a good tailor.
              "Do you speak English?" Muzzy continued and tried to open
              the tardis door, while keeping his face toward her.

    The phosphorescent green eyes were very intimidating.
    She walked closer to him slowly swaying her slender figure.
    "Camels, horses, mules and foolishness of steamships, railroads,
    airplanes and rocket ships that transport you into another reality of speeds
    and explosive accelerations. The deeper you penetrate, the more you slow
    down and even move backward." the woman spoke eloquently with a strange
    accent. "Ah! A philosopher. Well, I'll be on my way." Muzzy had successfully
    opened the door to the tardis somehow.

              "For a millennium I have been trapped here.
              Now, you come. It is not an chance happening.
              It is destiny." her voice was low and thick.

      Muzzy waved at her and stepped backward into the tardis.
      The woman pounced at the doorway only to be repelled by
      the Doctor with his sonic screw driver. He quickly shut the door.
      "Well, that was the Devil, who the Hell are you?" the Doctor stared
      at Muzzy with a very stern look.
      "Ehm. Just a traveler. Saw an open door and thought I'd have some tea."
      Muzzy smiled back.
      "Of course. Well, this is my tardis. Get your own.
      I'll drop you off where you started. And please don't visit the Devil.
      She'll eat you." the Doctor smiled and offered Muzzy some tea.

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