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Congratulation on your election to Anti Christ.

                      Most of western civilization is secular in its
                      politics accept for the United States.
                      Yes, there are atheist groups, who love to play
                      the Grinch every Christ-mass and sue the city
                      over a Nativity display.

                      But, Blat; Rev. Pat Robinson and the American Christian
                      Majority believe you are the Devil.
                      Some have compared you to Al Capone.
                      A popular gangster of America's prohibition era..
                      Like Al Capone; many of your opponents have
                      vanished or turned up dead along the roadside.

                      I do not judge you.
                      Only history can judge someone of your influence.
                      My only concern is that you maybe slightly unstable
                      enough to start a thermal nuclear world war
                      over a difference of opinion.
                      That's very bad Blat.

                      Many civil rights activist in the United States of America
                      believe that US foreign policy is to blame for the terrorist
                      threats to our way of life.
                      Mr. Putin I know you are far more dangerous than a
                      fanatic with exploding underpants.

                      You were a KGB agent in the Russian Secret Police.
                      You know the globalist plan to turn the world into one
                      giant strip mall.
                      Is there a Wal-Mart in Russia?
                      I beg you to put aside the cold war and face the
                      New World order of blogging.

                      Okay, so your probably busy trying stop a civil war in Russia.
                      But, do you really want to destroy Russia's  international
                      sex industry?
                      This is the manifesto of Bosnian fanatics!
                      Sharia Law is not democratic.

                      I love Elena's Girls.
                      I like to watch porn on television.
                      And Mr. President, Blat, I think you do too.
                      So, just relax your the Anti-Christ
                      everything is destined to go your way.

                      And have a Big Mac!

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