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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Comedy · #1866886
The people have a right to decide!
      Johny Dip banged his gavel on the podium.
      "This convention is in order!" he shouted;
      "The right honorable John Travolta will speak."

      Mr. Travolta gave his trademark smile and squinted at the teleprompter.

      "Hey, you all know people look up to celebrities as roll models.
        (Heh-heh) But, what is our exact position on key civil rights issues?
        Today, at the first meeting of Celebrity Congress we will set down
        in our manifesto what we believe." Travolta makes a big goofy smile
        at Johny Dip.

        "Alright. Signify by a show of hands, who is in favor of Gay Marriage?"
        Mr. Travolta raises his hand nods to the crowd to raise theirs;
        Everyone in the audience raises their hands.
        "Alright! So, how many are in favor of legalizing gay prostitution?"
        Travolta nods at the crowd to raise their hands.
        They all raise their hands.
        "Yeah solidarity! You know when I started acting I used my gayness
        to get a lead in GREASE, but I got some pussy too!
        I tapped Olivia Newton John." Travolta points to the audience;
        "You know what I'm saying."
        Angelina Jolie waves back and covers her face in embarrassment.

            The audience applauds.
        "Look at your own skeletons, then judge. Right?" John Travolta does
        a little break dance and points to the audience.
        Woody Alien and Roman Polanski walk out onto the stage holding hands
        and waving.
        "The heart wants what it wants." Woody begins.
        "My eyes are wide open now." Roman Polanski adds.
        The audience applauds and laughs.
        "Yeah! That's love. It can really fuck you up." Travolta shouts with
        a tooth smile.

            "So, if Woody can marry his daughter, why can't two hot babes
        hook up?" John Travolta claps his hands at the audience encouraging
        and standing ovation.
        "I honestly thought my niece was 18." Roman Polanski adds.
        Their is rockas laughter from the Aerosmith Band.
        Lady Ga Ga is lowered from the ceiling seated on a crescent moon.
        "We were born this way!" she shouts and hops off
        and sings her pop song.

        The audience goes into a frenzy as Lady Ga Ga throws herself
        on top the mawsh pit. Mark Harman gets a face full of Ga Ga pussy.
        "Thank you Lady Ga Ga.
        It is very clear that there are many alternative lifestyles.
        Perhaps, Mitt Romney could elaborate on his grandfather's polygamy?"
        Johny Dip claps his hands toward the Republican nominee.

              Mitt walks stiffly to the podium. His eyes searching for words.

                        "I am a big supporter of SAG....
                        who the Hell booked this?"

      Mitt walks off stage with his shoulders hunched over in distress.
      "Thank you. Mr. Romney. Let's all open up to our hymnals."
      Johny Dip begins with, "Row Row Row your boat gently down the
      stream. Merrily Merrily Merrily life is but a dream."

      And so continued the meeting of very famous actors and filmmakers
      with political opinions at the SAG congress.


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