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This was written when I was at my low point, when I felt complete sadness covering me.
Many days long and tiring for me
They go past lowering my cheer
Like joy fading away, reducing my raging fire
To a small cold pilot flame

To many the year starts nice and bright
But through the hard weeks
My school slowly fades to a cold hell
Where smiles that cover many familiar faces
Are turned to those, that display melancholy

The hard days turn once pleasant friends
To now devious and cunning scum
Where friends I've know for so long
Turn to strangers once again

My will to study, to continue to learn
Made lower with insults and names
Segregation from the my best pals
Make me feel worthless and ignored

Though may hopes are lowered,
The will never be gone but still,
I hope for that day, one day
for my joy to shine forever

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