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Rated: GC · Fiction · Adult · #1867593
a woman is lead to a new experience by a odd tattoo
The tattoo had been the thing that first caught my eye. It was a fiery red and green dragon winding down from the woman’s shoulder, wrapping around her muscular arm and ending with its tailed curled seductively around her elbow. It was ripe and erotic like Japanese anime. The dragon was inked in vivid colors and boasted a bright pink phallus that seemed to pulse with life. It was erotic and blatantly sensual. It stirred me somehow, spawned a hot flush that seemed to slowly creep over the surface of my skin. The woman must have felt me staring because she turned in her seat and parted her lush, coral-painted lips in a warm smile.

The attraction was as instantaneous and unexpected. I had never been attracted to a woman before this one captivated me. She was dark and exotic-looking, with a mess of long, cumin-colored ringlets and a peppering of faint freckles across her nose and cheeks. She wore jeans and cowboy boots. She introduced herself as Caroline Zarga. She had a tiny piercing in her delicate nose and worn silver bands on almost all of her fingers. Her body was deliciously voluptuous with broad shoulders and heavy breasts that strained against her thin cotton tee-shirt. Caroline was wrapped in skin the color of caramel that, aside from the dragon tattoo, appeared flawlessly unblemished.

"Want to grab a quick coffee?” I asked her after class, unable to restrain myself.

A few minutes later we stood between our cars sipping machine vended java. We talked and sipped until our cars were the only two left in the lot.

Suddenly Caroline's mouth was on mine, soft and tentative, just our lips touching. The contact ignited something inside me and I pressed forward, into her, kissing her back. Caroline tasted like the mocha coffee she’d been drinking, sweet and nutty. I sank both hands into the soft mounds of curls and felt her strong arms go around me in the dark. We stood there, kissing against her car until she pulled me down into the back seat of her battered old SUV. The car was cold and dark, the streetlights barely illuminating the interior.

Despite the chill, I let her slip my shirt up over my head, slip off my bra, let her work my jeans down my hips until I could kick them off. She stripped down, revealing a translucent black bra and thong. Her dark nipples pressed against the shimmering fabric. I covered her breasts with my hands, feeling those nipples rise into the hollows of my palms. We lay down on the narrow seat, exploring each other, shy at first, but with an ever increasing urgency.

Aroused and emboldened, I slipped my hands down her wide hips and slid my fingers under her thong. I probed her sex with my fingertips, surprised that it was both like and unlike my own. Her pubis was shaved and smooth. She was slick and wet. Caroline slid my underwear down and off my legs. She covered my thighs and stomach with a feathering of kisses. I felt myself opening to her as she spread my legs and settled down in between them. The first flick of her tongue was like fire. She spread me wider and covered me with her mouth. I rocked my hips, grinding up into her as her tongue pressed and sucked. The orgasm rocketed through me powerful and consuming. I exploded in her mouth in waves.

Caroline moved up to kiss me between moans, her mouth was wet with my juices. Consumed with the need to see every inch of her, I reached up and unhooked her bra, freeing her heavy breasts. I sucked one, then the other into my mouth, biting down on her nipples and rolling my tongue over the bumps of each areola. Each time I put my mouth against her silky flesh, she shuddered and cooed. I gripped the hard muscles of her ass and began to run my tongue over the inside of her thighs, up into her folds. I gently sucked at her swollen clitoris. Caroline grabbed fistfuls of my hair and pulled me tighter against her. I shivered with delight as Caroline came with a frenzied thrusting of her hips and a chorus of lustful obscenities.

The car rocked and swayed with our movements I had been so caught up in our surprise playtime that I had not once though about being discovered. I was incredibly relieved to find we were still alone in the lot. Completed naked and entwined, our heated flesh slowly gave way to trails of goosebumps and fits of shivers. I looked at the beautiful goddess next to me and knew that my life had just become incredibly more complicated.

Later that night, I dreamed about a dragon. It chased me through familiar streets and past cafes where people dined al fresco under bright blue umbrellas. I could feel his raging hot breath on my heels. I stumbled and he was upon me, smelling of sulfur, his throbbing cock pressed obscenely against my body. While I screamed with revulsion, the dragon began to rape and devour me, tearing at my flesh with iridescent teeth while the onlookers gawked and cheered.
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