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The darkness of my past revealed in a poem. please give criticism
Feel the sun on your face
Chase your dreams to the end of the earth
This is the time and place
For your plans to be moving forth
Dream on you insane gem stone
We love you you crazy fool
Don’t go off and be alone
Come with us we’ll get lifted at the pool
Take a moment to reflect on life
And the mysteries that we may never know
Pray or not pray love your wife
goddess of love with cupids bow
Believe in yourself when you fail
You may learn something if you listen
Pick yourself up no longer pale
Prepare a pot of coffee in the kitchen
You can do it if you believe
That failure is successful learning
About what not to do
Never go down for a fifth
Of irish whiskey and wine
Twenty dollars cash and you my friend
Have become a street walker
Enjoy the simple things in life
Like sunsets and cool spring days
And autumns return to the leaves of the trees
Okay comrade
The past is the past
Forget about the background check
Just be the new you who doesn’t go to jail
Who has a family and a mini van
Enjoy the family life
So stressful and fun
One day the government won’t own you.
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