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by robhow
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Is the future world also of the past? Is there an alien spaceship in our past?
Sometimes we gaze into the galaxy on a dark night and watch the millions of twinkling lights that seem to very slowly move across from horizon to horizon. Even the most unimaginative mind who never reads science or speculative fiction must sometimes wonder that somewhere in that quagmire of light life may exist and that we are not alone. It becomes hard to believe that in the never-ending distances of space with billions of stars and galaxies and planetary systems only we exist. Could another Earth type planet be lurking out there? Like our planet it would have to have an electro-magnetic defence shield around its atmosphere to protect us from solar flares and be approximately 93 million miles from its sun. The chances that many type Earth planets are out there are good. The underlying factor is that our civilisation is not advanced enough to travel in spaceships the great distances involved in the galaxy. If we were to travel to Mars I believe the return journey would be approximately 18 months long, to the nearest star many, many years even at the speed of light.

         The speed of light is a significant barrier to attain, as was the sound barrier in early aircraft. It is astonishing to find that when you gaze up at the night sky (with no light pollution) you are not only seeing the stars and galaxies but looking through time with your naked eyes. You are also looking through gravity the unknown element which bends light and time. Our small physical bodies encase within it a biological computer that is immense in its capability but restricted to managing our body on the physical plane of existence.

         Where did we come from? Is it possible that we did come from space originally? Or have we just progressed from ape or monkey type creatures? The big point here is that nobody knows. It cannot be proved nor disproved. Our origins are a complete mystery. Could we be the seeds from an advanced civilisation in the galaxy that once occupied the Earth for a short period or have we evolved from the lower mammal life forms? The legend of Atlantis or of a past super civilisation does exist. We are still waiting for evidence of some kind to emerge. Maybe somewhere in the body code of DNA there will be an answer that we are not alone. In all this religion does play its part. The Garden of Eden could have existed in the earlier Earth period as the bible says, but could two human beings suddenly appear? Science says no and that we must have developed over millions of years. Could two humans from another star system in an alien spaceship or an earlier Earthly race have started copulation on the Earth? If this is possible, and we have no proof to the contrary, then those star travelling humans probably worshipped God.

         As an advanced species they could still have their own religion: a system of belief in, worship of a supernatural power or God. This, they would have brought to Earth with their culture on their alien spacecraft. This brings us to the present and the hundreds of churches that have branched off, all worshipping one God. If we are to imagine that other human civilisations exist within our galaxy some in a first state of awareness, others progressed to our level, and advanced humankind who explore space and time travelling in other realms of existence. Would an advanced race wish to contact us? At our stage of development, the atomic era, wide spread religious violence and man’s purpose to gain personal power and money, I would think not.

         But if we were in an earlier period of time of very few inhabitants it is possible. If we became so advanced and able to travel to other systems then a visit would be in order to guide and help and to stop us corrupting other worlds. Then we would be the alien spaceship. Our religions would travel with us and may be the spiritual birth place for that planet. After five thousand years the doctrine of religion becomes distorted, misinterpreted and changed by man. The travellers would be gone their legacy progressing in mythology and legend indicating we are not alone.

          There are probably worlds out there far in advance of us, and others still struggling to reach a utopian world. Can humankind ever reach a satisfactory conclusion of existence while the basic animal instincts in all of us prevail? I am sure this is why God, the supreme being was introduced onto this planet to nurture our emotions and moral standards. Unfortunately, the introduction of God by whosoever, philosopher or inspired thought, has tragically become unsound. Religion became humanised and debased, releasing a divine fanaticism. Theology of various factions became a weapon to punish, kill and torture unbelievers. World domination by communist and nationalist ideals is now moving towards religion as an answer.

            Religious governments are as disastrous as other world idealist doctrines and more powerful. The man-made interpretations of each particular religion have no regard for the freedom of man and will slowly tear democracy apart. The underlying truth of God is to become spiritually a better person; it is not a worldly ambition to dominate the planet. It would be the Devil or Satan who would wish to claim world or country domination. If Satan is to be believed as a supernatural being his aims would be very clear. He would wish to turn man against man, religion against religion, Government against Government, man against wife, and to advocate murder mayhem and corruption on a vast scale.

            This world is waiting in anxiety, religious and atheist, communist or nationalist, democrat or philosopher, to see who will be triumphant, good or evil. It has nothing to do with worldly religion.

This article is written by Robin G Howard the author of Jim Long space agent series of books.(scifi-fantasy-supernatural) All books can be bought using ISBN numbers or from the publishers – All Interest Books. Four books in series now available in paperback at Amazon and ebooks at Kindle. Author site is www.sfauthorsite-JL.com  - 4th book Divine Fanaticism released 2011. – New book –Battle of the Archangels ebook release June2012.
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