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I thought he was a Jewish folk singer?

        Sean Winkle is on YouTube singing at the Tiny Sticks Club.
        I can't imagine why he would want to be a White Supremacist?
        And he wants to run for Sheriff of Boner County.
        This is a complete turn about from his support for Obama and
        legalizing marijuana.

                Question: How does one know they are white?

        All you need is one drop of Native American blood or African
        or Mexican or Jewish blood and your a colored person.
        I think it's impossible to say your white.

        I can see Sean Winkle tapping Zionism, but White Supremacy is dope.
        At least Zionist, accept conversion to Judaism.
        Sammy Davis JR was a Jew.
        The Jews have been slaves so many times in so many places it's hard
        to follow the bloodlines of Aron and Jacob and Abraham.
        Slaves are raped by their slave owners.
        Thomas Jefferson raped his house slave Rachael.
        She was an African slave and could not refuse him anything.

                Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Constitution:

                    "We hold these truths to be self evident that
                    all men are created equal."

          Accept for Tom's house slave .. Jeeze!
          This was a common practice amongst Southern Plantation owners.
          They saw it as their privilege and it was a cheep way to make more

          Sean Winkler a White Supremacist. Oy!
          Well, Adolf Hitler might have been Jewish if the Israeli historians
          are correct.

          Strange days indeed.

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