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My Review of the Dark Shadows movie.
If you haven't seen the new Dark Shadows movie and plan to, don't read anymore. I am going to give a review of the movie. Here goes.

I love the new Dark Shadows movie. I am a big fan of the old Dark Shadows series as well as the 1972 Dark Shadows series. When I saw the previews, I was afraid it was going to be a comedy. I wasn't happy. I love Tim Burton and Johhny Depp and was always Dark Shadows biggest fan, so wild horses couldn't keep me away. This is Dark Shadows and I was goling to be there. I wasn't disappointed. There is some comedy in it but there is a lot of drama. Barnabas bit people like vampires do. He kiulled some, too. In this movie, Angelique was a young girl of ten and had a crush on Barnabas.She wasn't a blonde as a youing girl. Her mother reminded her to remember her place. As adults, Baranabas and Angelique were lovers but he didn't love her. When his beloved Josette jumped off the cliff, Barnabas jumped off the cliffs but only to find out, he was now a vampire. Course, Josette died. In the original series, Barnabas was bitten by a bat and became a vampire.

Victoria Winters comes to Collinwood to become a governess and looks exactly like Josette. Josette's ghost keeps appearing to Victoria. Course Barnabas notices Victoria looks like Josette. In this movie, Victoria was named Maggie Evans but changed her name to Victoria Winters.She changed her name on the train to Collinsport after seeing a poster for a ski resort. Construction workers dug up Barnabas' casket and it doesn't end well for them. Barnabas hasn't drank blood in 200 years! Elizabeth Stoddard is the only one who knows Barnabas is a vampire but Victoria found out later. She and Barnabas fell in love. Doctor Julia Hoffman looks a lot like the original Julia Hoffman. Nice touch. She is trying to help Baranabas by taking his blood{to find a cure for his vampirism} but she is secretly using her to make herself immortal. When Barnabas catches her giving herself tranfusions, he is angry and kills her. Young Carolyn is fourteen and we find out later, she is a werewolf. Angelique is ahead of the Collins Canning Factory and owns the Collins industries and the town of Collinsport. The Collins mansion Collinwood is shabby and in sad need of repairs. The Collins family has no money. How can they afford to hire Victoria? Of course, Barnabas encounters Angelique and does defeat her along with Carolyn being a werewolf and Elizabeth had no idea that Carolyn is a werewolf. Angelique had a werewolf bite Carolyn when she was a baby lying in her crib. Young David Collins father abandoned him and his mother Laura was drowned at sea. She talks to David and helps Barnabas destroy Angelique. Angelique imprisoned Barnabas in a casket a second time and David frees him just in time as the police are getting ready to arrest the Collins family and Angelique has burned down the cannery. It is revealed Angelique is a witch and Barnabas is a vampire and the poilice leave.

Johnny Depp. I love him. He is a great Barnabas. That man can play anyone. He is a handsome, sexy Barnabas. I loved Jonathan Frid and don't ask me to choose who did Barnabas the best. I didn't know what a vampire was until I first watched Dark Shadows.. I learned about vampires, witches, ghosts and werewolves not to mention going back into the past and parallel time. Dark Shadows was my favorite show of all time and I still love the old series and watch them.

Alice Cooper appeared as himself at a modern day Ball the Collins family were given. I loved when he sang "The Ballad Of Dwight Fry" which is about a man in a mental institution who blows the place up. Victoria was telling Barnabas that her parents thought she was mentally ill and she talked to her dolls and imaginary friends. They showed where her parents sent her off to a mental institution and when she was in her padded room when Alice sang this song. It was perfect for this scene. I work in mental health and I would like to have known more about Victoria's mental illness. She did escape from the instution as an adult. Alice sang "No More Mister Nice Guy" and that would apply to Barnabas when he is a vampire.

I was disappointed when the original Barnabas, Maggie Evans, Angelique and Quentin were supposed to have cameos. I just saw Lara Parker briefly{the original Angelique} walk in and not the other three. That was a let down. They helped make Dark Shadows what it was.They could have given them five or ten minutes at least.

Does the movie have a happy ending? Yes and no. If you haven't seen the movie, I won't spoil it for you. I feel there could be a part two. The ending is a surprise. It is safe to say Barnabas and Victoria are together but not like you would think. I do hope you get to see the movie and if you do, write me and tell me what you think. If you love 70's rock songs, you will love the music in this movie. Dark Shadows will never die. I love the old series, 1992 ones and of course this movie! I am glad Dark Shadows is still around after all these years!

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