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A little humor goes along way...

                What is a self image?
        Well, a lot of it comes from how people treat you.
        If you are constantly harassed, your probably not fitting in.
        This doesn't necessarily mean you are ugly, you might be
        unlucky or stupid. Unlucky children are generally weak and the
        pack or group of other kids instinctively want to kill you.
        This is natural selection.
                A stupid kid will not realize this real threat and is an easy
        target for bullies. Don't panic and don't be brave and try to stand up
        to the bully and the rest of his pirates. Just get it all on record.
        Report the harassment and if the school does nothing you can sue
        the school for millions$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!
        When your rich you wont care what people think about you.
              So do you feel lucky?

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