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Tsutomu has one last opponent to face, and after, he has some fun with Birdy
As Tsutomu stood over her while lightly pressing her against the bed, Birdy looked into his eyes and saw a hungry gleam in them, and she knew exactly what that gleam meant.

“So Tsutomu?” Birdy asked, “Have you submitted to those sexual urges you humans are so known for?”

“Yes I think I have Birdy,” Tsutomu said. “Do you have any problems with that?”

“Not really, although I might want you to make some adjustments first,” Birdy replied.

“Sounds good to me,” said Tsutomu.

As Tsutomu leaned in to undo Birdy’s skimpy top he suddenly flattened onto the floor instead of her chest like she had hoped. A fraction of a second later three black needles flew past where his head had been and smashed into the wall behind that area. Then a voice from outside the doorway hissed “missed” with a venom-laden tone. Then a black woman stepped out of the door and threw another barrage of needles at Tsutomu.

“Negla, what are you doing here!” Shouted Birdy.

“Should seem obvious Birdy,” Negla stated, “The Sanctum Sanctorum sent me to rescue you and eliminate your kidnapper.”

“What! I wasn’t kidnapped, I went with him of my own free will.” Birdy protested.

Negla simply ignored Birdy and made another rush at Tsutomu. However the time she had spent talking to Birdy had let Tsutomu grab the sword off of his dresser and make a slash a Negla. Unfortunately, she dodged the assault and leapt out of sword reach, and started throwing more needles at Tsutomu. Tsutomu responded by utilizing the blaster function of his sword to keep Negla from getting a clear aim at his vital organs. After a minute or two of dashing and jumping about the room, Negla slipped in between Tsutomu’s shots and tried to stab him. However, her attack was foiled by some sort of sped up back-flip where Tsutomu kicked her in the bottom of her jaw.

Then Birdy noticed some black mist swirling around Tsutomu’s hands. Then she heard him whisper “Subjugate” under his breath. A black cloud swirled up from the floor around Negla and completely covered her. Then the cloud started slamming her around the room. After a few seconds the cloud vanished and Negla fell to the ground looking very dazed. Tsutomu walked over to her and looked down at her, while his eyes glowed red.
“Tell those who sent you that there is no reason to further investigate this matter,” Tsutomu said in an eerie voice, “Tell those you serve that the Federation is not to be regarded as trustworthy in this matter. I will now send you to where you belong.”

Negla mumbled something that sounded like “Yes, Master,” and then a black vortex surrounded her and spun wildly. Then the vortex vanished, and so did Negla.

“Tsutomu, what did you do to her?” exclaimed Birdy, “where did she go?”

“I sent her back to the Sanctum Sanctorum, but I tinkered with her mind a bit so that she’ll advocate for us.” Tsutomu said.

“How could you do that, she hates both of us?” Birdy asked.

“Darkness has two specialties, and one of those is bending and twisting the mind to match any point of view,” stated Tsutomu.

The two stared at each other for a few seconds, then Tsutomu spoke up.

“What were we doing before we were interrupted?” he asked.

“I think we were about to have some fun with each other,” said Birdy.

“What kind of fun did you have in mind?” asked Tsutomu.

“I was honestly hoping you could make my breasts grow a bit,” replied Birdy, “Can you use your powers to do that for me?”

“I can if you really want me too,” said Tsutomu, seemingly unfazed by Birdy’s request.

“Of course it’s what I want, I just asked you for it silly!” teased Birdy, “just keep growing them ‘till I say stop.”

Tsutomu removed Birdy’s bra and placed his hands firmly on her boobs. He summoned the part of his power that dealt with the impure desires of the heart. Birdy gave a loud moan and her breasts began to grow, becoming plumper and juicier by the second. After a minute or two, Birdy moaned “Stop!” and Tsutomu stopped the growth. Birdy’s breasts had become P-cups, bulging with fat and sporting slightly engorged nipples on the end.

“Oh Tsutomu, that felt great, please grow my ass as well,” Birdy moaned greedily.

Tsutomu placed his hands on Birdy’s ass and it too began to grow. It steadily plumped up, as flesh poured into each of its increasingly massive cheeks. After 3 minutes Birdy told Tsutomu to stop. Each of Birdy’s ass cheeks was the same size as her breasts. She had burst out of her skimpy panties and was lying naked on Tsutomu’s bed.

“Tsutomu, thank you thank you thank you!” Birdy gasped.

Then Birdy suddenly plunged two of her fingers into her vagina and started masturbating. Giving a great moan Birdy watched as her nipples erected and engorged themselves, becoming about 7 inches long and 4 inches thick. Birdy immediately stuck one of her nipples into her mouth and began sucking on it. As she sucked she used her free hand to start massaging her giant ass. Tsutomu helped her by teasing her other nipple and groping her tits, which made Birdy moan loudly. A few minutes later, Birdy gave a cry of lust and pleasure and orgasmed, cum spilling out of her pussy and milk pumping out of her nipples. This forced her nipple out of her mouth and displayed her pleasured body to Tsutomu.

As she lay on Tsutomu’s bed in a puddle of her fluids, with her thick, juicy assets, and her immensely puffy nipples, Birdy looked at Tsutomu and smiled. Tsutomu moved to pull down his pants, but Birdy said “wait,” and Tsutomu stopped.

“What’s wrong Birdy?” Tsutomu asked.

“Well,” Birdy began,”I kinda wanted to wait before we did anything intimate.”

“What did you want to wait for?” asked Tsutomu.

“I wanted to wait until…” Birdy suddenly stopped.

“Go on,” Tsutomu encouraged.

“I wanted to wait for us to…” Birdy paused again,”Get married.”
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