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Who can know the mind of God?
          Dear Opie,

          Let us begin with the Bible.

                                How do you know it is God's word?
                                Did God sign it?
                                Does God promote it?
                                Has anyone proven there is a God?

          These are important questions.
          But, lets focus on Oprah Winfrey. Opie as I like to call you,
          you must realize that none of your beliefs are objectively true.
          If you say, "I am God." you should prove it.
          That's why the Pharisees went to see Jesus crucified.
          They wanted to see if he was immortal.
          They asked a Roman soldier to kill Jesus, before the Sabbath,
          so they would not offend God. The soldier stabbed Jesus in the heart
          and Jesus died.

          The penalty for being a false prophet in those days was death.
          The Pharisees were following their religious beliefs.
          Is that okay?
          Opie would you condemn the High Priest Caiaphas to Hell?
          The Jews don't believe in Hell they call it shoal: the grave.
          When Paradise returns God will raise the good people from shoal,
          according to the Talmud.

                                            Religion 101

          Jesus believed in one God.
          Jesus believed he was the Messiah.
          The Pharisees crucified him for being a false prophet.
          Remember the Romans were in control of Jerusalem.
          The Pharisees had to ask Pilot to crucify Jesus.
          Pilot only agreed to do it on the charge of sedition.
          Religion and politics killed Jesus.

                                          *Opie's faith*

                          What I can surmise is you are an idealist.
                          You believe that people will generally do
                          the right thing, because human nature is good.

          You do not need a god or gods to accomplish this.
          Is that where your coming from? It sounds like humanism.
          And that's okay.
          We should "Do onto others as we would want them to do onto us."

    My momma done told me, "Never forget that the NAZIS were elected."
    And that is the way of things.
    I am not an idealist... but, I believe in free speech.
    If Adolf Hitler were alive today he would probably have his own talk show.
    That is media madness.
    I've often wondered what folks would say if a group of NAZIS decided
    to erect a statue to Adolf Hitler in Time Square.
    Would the city allow it? What if it was on private property?
    An Islamic temple at the Twin Tower Memorial was fiercely protested.
    There is no way to control religious fanaticism.
    Sharia Law is Old Testament Law, but no Jew wants to go back to
    stoning nonbelievers... I hope.

                    Opie history has repeated the same theme:

                      And God said to Abraham spare not the very young
                      or old for they are an abomination before the Lord.
                      And Abraham smite the Amorites and Hitites.
                      That's politics and religion in war.
                      There are no Amorites or Hitites Abraham slaughtered them.

    My favorite Minister; Jack Van Imp has said, while thumping his KJBible,
    "There are 93 verses in the Old Testament that say Jerusalem is for the Jews!"
    Well, who wrote the Bible?
    This is the circular argument, "The Bible is God's word, because the Bible
                                                says so."
    Do you believe in prophesy?
    The Bible predicts ancient wars, between Syrians and Jews.
    And by the way nothing was written down until the Babylonians taught
    the Jews how to write. So you have a lot of prophesy written after the
    battles have happened.
    I'm very skeptical of Bible prophesy.

    Oprah, are you a Christian or something else?
    Christianity does not allow for belief in other religions.
    That would undermine the Church of Christ:
    "I am the way the truth and the light.
    No one comes to the Father accept through me."
    Jesus said.

                                    Muzzy's Prophesy!!!!!!

                      There will be a global collapse of currency.
                      Mass consumption will lead to economic ruin
                      and plagues and famine.
                      A large number of people will die in wars and
                      riots, brought about by oil hungry nations.
                      Am I psychic?

    On that cheery note,
    I await your reply; Opie.



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