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by dee
Rated: XGC · Chapter · Death · #1868079
A dream that I had out of the blue that woke me in a cold sweat.
The meat man and me had our cats outside to eat and one of the cats went off the porch and went around the side of the house. Meat man went to get her. I was going behind him in order to help catch her. Then we saw a really gigantic dog in the ladies yard behind us. It looked like a doberman. All of a sudden the dog started chasing us ! Somehow , even though meat man could run faster than me , I managed to make it in the house before he did. As I was holding the door for him to get in , he came to the door and closed it behind me. Never attempting to enter the house. As if by the time he got there , he was way too scared to move . The dog attacked him ! When I looked out the window , I saw the dog in the middle of the street just staring at our house . It was finally safe to open the door so meat man could get in ; but again the dog started  running at him again , and again he closed the door. I was trying to open it but he was holding it tightly. And I could tell that he was shaking severely. Then all of a sudden , the dream jumped to when the dog disappeared and I could FINALLY open the door......I saw a picture of meat man lying on the porch , all covered in blood. Then I awoke in a cold sweat.
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